Lees Summit Medical Center?

  1. Anyone currently work there or know anything about it? I know it's HCA and I have heard horror stories about HCA hospitals, but I have never heard anything good or bad about LSMC. I'm specifically interested in their L&D unit, so if anyone has delivered there or knows anything about the work environment in that unit, please do tell!!!

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  3. by   hospitalstaph
    I truly cannot comment on the L&D unit at this hospital. However, as an ER nurse at another hospital, I was VERY impressed by the care they gave a close relative last year in their ER. The nurses were fabulous, Dr was quick to inform us of any information, etc. It was a very good experience and my relative is doing well.

    Hope this helps
  4. by   BlueBug
    I was just contacted by their HR person and was wondering about this hospital too. Any news would be greatly appreciated.

    I have heard the HCA rumors too, and wonder.

  5. by   shoegalRN
    I work there now as a Nurse Intern. Nice hopsital, good staffing, nice working environment. Don't know too much about the L&D unit, except that it's NEW, and the last time I worked, they had delievered about 20 babies to date.

    Yes, they are HCA. I havent experienced anything "bad" working there because they are HCA.

    A good thing is the hospital is really small (about 64 beds total) and they do float their RN's to the ICU/Tele/ER, so you get a range of experience.

    Another thing about the hospital is the patient load. The nurses dont have anymore than 5 patients. Sometimes, they may have 6 (if a nurse calls in or something), but they make sure each nurse has their own PCT for their patient load if that is the case. Normally, the patient load is 3:1, with 4 nurses on one hall and a PCT for the entire hall.

    The clients there are mostly older and they come mainly from John Knox.

    Overall, it's a good place to work. However, I don't think I'm gonna stay there after graduation because the acuity is not that great in my opinion.
  6. by   allthingsbright
    Hi-I know some nurses who work their L&D unit--it is slow but they seem to like it!

    Good luck!
  7. by   dolphind
    I too have heard the rumors about HCA. I have a friend who was hired on at an HCA hospital and she loves it.
  8. by   4jen
    Hey there, I did clinicals there. I am almost 100% they are closing the L&D unit.
  9. by   Debbyinmo
    I am a new grad and I do not know what the term "HCA" means - can someone shed some light on the "newbie"? Thank you! :wink2: