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Mississippi nurses roll call!!! (be known) - page 2

Hello all its been a minute for me d/t hectic scheduling but I love Allnurses.com its a wealth of knowledge to be learned here...however our MS threads are slightly outdated....lets keep the fire... Read More

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    You are so lucky that you got accepted to both. Since you did get accepted to Holmes do you mind if I ask about your GPA, ACT and if you had taken any pre reqs? I will be applying there for the Spring and am so worried about my chances of getting in. Thanks so much and congrats!!
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    Hello fellow nurses from the great stae of Mississippi. I graduated from Hinds in 2003 from the ADN program, Alcorn State BSN program in 2005 & UMMC MSN program in 2008. I am a home health nurse. It has really been quite a journey but it has been worth it.
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    Hi Jg24,

    I don't mind telling you at all. I had a 24 on my act's and a 4.0, and I also had all prereq's including all academics out of the way. Good luck on getting in the program.
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    Way to go. No wonder you got in. I am not that lucky, but I'm trying. I only have a 20 on my ACT ( took it way more years ago than I care to mention) and although I have a 3.75 at Holmes, I only have a 3.2 total with courses from my younger years. I hope it will be enough to get in. All I can do is try.
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    I am a Rad Tech,RN, Litho Tech in Tupelo. Just completed my BSN at UNA. I hope we can get more activity on this board also.
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    Quote from TeeTee,RN

    I graduated in Dec.08 with a BSN from the University of Southern Mississippi-Gulf Park campus in Gulfport, MS. I recently moved to Atlanta and got a job at Grady Memorial Hospital. I usually post on the Georgia threard, but since I was born and raised in Mississippi and am truly a Mississippian at heart, I feel I can represent here also.


    I'm on the coast and considering a career change to nursing. I already have a B.S. in Microbiology from another state university and I'm currently working in a non-health care field. How was the USM - Gulf Park experience? I've heard mixed reviews on the USM nursing program in Hattiesburg. Do you feel you were well prepared for your current position?

    On another note, I hope this board gets more active too! I'd love to hear updates to some of the older posts...like what hospitals are good to work for, what starting salaries are like in different areas (maybe based on degree level), pros/cons to taking advantage of hospital tuition programs...etc.

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    Hi I am a student nurse at PRCC in Poplarville. I will graduate (God willing) in May with an ADN!
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    I'm student nurse @ PRCC. Will graduate in May with an ADN! We will make it Ang!
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    Recently laid off after ten years on a job. I'm seeking a career change. Nursing has always been my dream but I'm afarid if the challenge. I'm thinking about applying for umc/hinds/holmes. Need any advise
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    I have a BSN, live in Southaven and work in Memphis. Studying for the GRE because UMMC requires it. I worked in Trauma ICU for a year at The Med in Memphis...word can't begin to describe that place.
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    It's good to see some activity on this thread! I've lived on the Gulf Coast for about 13 years. I will be moving to Arizona in a few weeks.
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    I start MCC ADN program in August. I'm counting the days till then!
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    2nd year student in mgccc's adn program, perkinston campus. i live in saucier, and currently i'm working in the er, which is great. summer's sure going by too fast, but god knows, i'm ready to graduate and get on with it!!!