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Tuition Reimbursement

  1. 0 I will be graduating in May with a bunch of loans. Anyone know of any places that pay back your loans??? Thank you!
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    Check out the VA....
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    How about anything in southern MN? I had once heard that the there is some kind of reimbursement through the state if the student would sign an agrrement that they would work in a rural community LTC facility or with developmentally disabled. Has anyone else heard of this or had any experience with it?
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    I was visiting a couple years ago, and learned that Good Samaritan LTCs have some sort of scholarship/externship, I don't know if they have a tuition bonus. 2 Samaritan LTCs are St. James and Mt. Lake in SC Mn, there are others, but I think they are west ... here's a link
    Out here (Virginia) it seems to be common that your sign-on bonus is applied to your loans for a work commitment.
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    Thanks for the info. I also have heard of the scholarship/internship at the Good Sam LTC facilities. There are also a couple in the Fairmont area. I was just wondering if there was anything for when a person is done with school. Right now, I could not put in the required 20-24 hours a week that are needed to get the scholarship (not with 5 kids and their time schedules). Thank you very much for the information.
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    Are you from Fairmont? I was born in Fairmont, then grew up in St. James, left 24 years ago to see the world, saw most of it and now am considering moving back, but not too close ... wife is from Madelia, all of our extended family is there.
    Also saw the new hospital in St.James had an opening recently.
    Good luck, in whatever you find.
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    The Good Samaritan program isn't tuition reimbursement though- it pays your tuition while you;'re in school. You must average a minimum of 20 hours a week for them to pay it. It's up to the facility as far as signing a contract. I wasn't obligated to stay. I have loans for the first 2 years of school- then during orientation to the nursing program I found out about this program. Since I was currently an employee of a Good Sam- the rest we got covered. (management didn't know about it)

    It's a GREAT program if you intend to work during school.
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    I am Receiving Loan Forgivness from the St of MN.... Google Loan Forgivness MN Dept of Health. All Rural Communities and you Need to work in a LTC and/or work with the Disabled
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    I am from Mankato and not very familiar with the Fairmont/St.James area. I have just heard of these possibilities from fellow students.
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    I have two RN's that come to me each year to complete their paperwork for the state. Their loans are paid/forgiven for working in LTC.

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