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online college for RN-BSN

  1. 0 I really would like some advice on what online college is the best in MN. I need a program that is completely online if possible. Also please give me some specifics on cost. Any input would be helpful and greatly appreciated. I graduated from community college (RN associate degree) 13 years ago and have been working in the nursing home field as CCM and MDS coordinator. I would like to go back to school but finances are limited.
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    wow- no answers. Seems strange.
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    I know people who've gone to St. Scholastica (The College of St. Scholastica is an independent private college based in Duluth, Minnesota with extended campuses across the state.), and others who've gone through Chamberlain and Excelsior. I did a traditional program at St. Scholastica, and thought it was very good. Instructor support, interaction, good faculty that were accessible, for me were very important; for others, it is flexibility and a more lenient time frame. I guess I have figured that I will pay for my education because I feel it's a good investment - there are scholarships out there that help a bit with the cost, loans, extra shifts, etc... but it pays off in the end. Rule of thumb is don't take out more in loans that you'll make your 1st year, and I was still under that. Most colleges will have their tuition readily available - if they're secretive about that, I don't take that as a good sign. Determine what your timeframe is, what's available, and go from there... good luck!
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    The least expensive, all online program I know of is University of Wyoming. About $5500 for the program.
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    UND is all online and very affordable...
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    minnesota state moorehead is also all online
    From what I understand minnesota state mankato is almost all online. I think once a semester you have to meet.
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    I've heard MSU is good. I thought I heard it was all online, but could be wrong. (Mankato State University)
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    MSU has a good nursing program based on the ROY model....I have a coworker who is finishing her BSN and she has been complimentary about her experience.
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    Quote from HM2VikingRN
    MSU has a good nursing program based on the ROY model....I have a coworker who is finishing her BSN and she has been complimentary about her experience.
    *** Can you tell me what the "ROY" model is?
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    Sister Callista Roy. (The Roy Adaptation Model)She asks nurses to consider patients in the context of their roles and how illness affects role performance of the patient across a variety of domains whether family, social, occupational etc.

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