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  1. Hi everyone! I'll be graduating May of 2018 and got a job offer at Mayo Clinic, Rochester! I thought I would start a thread for all who are thinking of applying to Mayo Clinic and will be graduating in the spring or if you already got hired, you are welcome to share any thoughts on how to land a job there! Even though it is far away, I would like to start looking for potential roommates as well!
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  3. by   bblondon
    I graduate may '18 as well but I didn't think I should apply until feb-march. But you were already offered a position?? That's amazing. What unit were you hired into? I'm interested in Mayo, but there are a couple things I'm hesitant about. One, the city. I've heard it's not ideal for the young and single. And also, I heard they have teams for everything? Teams for starting IVs, hanging blood, EKGs, etc. Are nurses really able to hone their skills there? What are your thoughts after interviewing there?
  4. by   vkyereme
    Yes I was! And honestly I thought it was too early to apply too but another part of me said just go for it and I did! The interview process was a bit long (via webcam) but it was definitely doable and the nurse coordinator and nurse manager were both very nice! Mayo seems to treat their nurses very well and are very resourceful so you won't feel overwhelmed when working. In terms of having different teams to do skills, I was kind of thrown back by that but at the end of the day these patients are the sickest of the sickest and need the most expertise care so if that's what Mayo thinks then I'm cool with it! I'm so excited to be apart of this organization and think you should definitely apply! Who wouldn't wanna say that they work for the number one hospital in the country?! Lol
  5. by   bblondon
    Very cool! That's super exciting. There is an opening that I want to apply for, but I haven't even started creating a resume or cover letter so I better get on it!
  6. by   vkyereme
    What units are you interested in?? And yeah let me know if you eventually apply! It'll be fun to meet new nurses!
  7. by   bblondon
    I'd love to get into the ICU because I'm currently a tech at an ER. But I'm open! What unit did you get hired into? I made my resume today! Hopefully will be applying soon. Do you have any thoughts/advice on landing a job at Mayo?
  8. by   vkyereme
    Oh that would be cool! I do know they hire new grads into ICU so you would have a good chance of getting it! I got hired onto their Bone Marrow Transplant Unit! I'm so excited! They did ask behavioral questions that are typical of any interview and they also did ask some nursing questions specific to the unit that you're applying for. So I say study up on the type of unit you are applying for and be ready for any potential situational questions they may throw at you. Everyone at mayo seems really nice. If you also are gonna graduate with a BSN, that's a plus since I think Mayo is a magnet status hospital so they prefer to hire BSN prepared nurses.
  9. by   bblondon
    I applied to 3 different units! Fingers crossed Thank you for the info by the way!!
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  10. by   vkyereme
    That's great!! Yes fingers crossed! Which units did you apply to?! Hope it all goes well! That would be great if you got a position!