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Home Health Agencies?

  1. 0 Can anyone recommend some reputable home health agencies here in the metro?
    I'm graduating in May and can read the writing on the wall- no chance I'll be getting a hospital job anytime soon.

    I'm perfectly okay with starting out in home health, but want to make sure I can find a good agency- any suggestions would be helpful- thanks!
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    I would apply to the VAVMC. I think that there will be some hiring happening...Have you considered public health or corrections?
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    I am actually very interested in public health, but as of now have a BA and an ADN- no BSN- can even do PHN in Minnesota at the entry level without a BSN?

    I would do corrections too, ANYTHING really to limit the time of unemployment- how do I even look for those type of jobs?
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    For corrections check out the MN Department of Corrections website also check out individual counties websites. I've been also kind of looking into some corrections jobs, but there aren't too many open right now.

    For the most part my fellow new grads have been getting jobs in various nursing homes and tcus.
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    Recover Health is very good, but I do not know if they hire new grads.

    Good Luck!

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    You will be limited to agencies that are willing to hire new grads. Do some calling around before your waste your time going in person.
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    I suggest looking for companies that do private-duty nursing rather than case management. With private-duty work you spend your 8-12 hour shift in the patients home taking care of one individual. You'll get more hands-on time with your patients and I've found the atmosphere to be rather enjoyable. I started out after getting my ADN with Edelweiss Home Health Care. They used to specialize in pediatrics, though they have a few adults now I believe. You'll gain a lot of skills with this type of environment as many of the pediatric patients are technology dependent (trachs, vents, G-J tubes, feeding pumps), working nights are typically quiet so you have time to read books, etc while monitoring the patient. If you work during the day you interact with the families more as well as with OT and PT and learn skills to help in the patients development. Also, they typically only assign you to 1-3 patients at a time so you really get to know your cases. The pay is fair. Upfront it may seem a little challenging, the scheduling system is a little weird sometimes, they will pay for the classes you need to take to learn about the vents, etc, but they won't pay you for your time in the class. Once you get through orientation though it's a pretty nice gig.
    I believe Bayada also offers a similar type of work, but I am not as familiar with them. If you have any other questions please feel free to ask.

    Good luck!
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