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Fall 2014 IHCC MANE Program

  1. 0 I'm in! I signed my name on the line and am handing in my check on Monday. I AM SO EXCITED!!!!

    Anyone one else going to be with me this fall at Inver Hills?
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    Congrats!! I'm not sure yet...
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    Great job nae312213!!!! Should know in an hour or so, IHCC is my 4th choice..
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    I'm in as well! So happy this wait is over. nae312213, are you currently taking classes at Inver?
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    I've only been taking classes at Inver and applied to this school only. I'll take stats this summer at Metro State and then I'll be done with generals.
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    That's a good idea. I wasn't happy with what Inver had to offer, I was also looking for stats this summer. I need that and the writing in your major course. Now that this is out of the way I can figure out my game plan. I'll have to check out Metro's options. Thanks for the advice. Have you signed up for a summer course already and if so did you go through an admission process? We're now dually enrolled but does that mean we could take any course there. I guess I can call Metro as well just thought I'd ask. Thanks!
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    I know. My original thinking was to wait until I received my acceptance letter and then accept dual admission. According to the letter, we sign to give them permission to transfer transcripts to Metro State. This is a natural part of transferring schools, but I don't know how long this process'll take and at what point I'm considered a Metro State student. I plan on calling them on Monday to as if I can sign up for one of their summer courses with them knowing that my information IS coming it's just not there yet. I finally found a teacher I like that's teaching at Metro this summer (originally an IHCC teacher), so I can't let this opportunity pass.
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    Oh who's the teacher? I should look at that. I've been going strong for the last year and a half, including last summer, and I was kind of looking forward to a summer off. I haven't struggled with math but would like the opportunity to focus on it solo. The way the program has it lined up, stats is the first semester of the BSN. I would also like to focus on my skills as a new grad at that time. I want to work in a hospital and I know it can be a hard transition so I don't want to kill my GPA because I was too stressed.
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    Sara Lennertz.
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    I'll be right there with you at IHCC! Fall 2014 baby! I cannot wait to get started! I plan on hand delivering my acceptance letter and check next week to make it official. I can't believe the wait is FINALLY OVER!!!!!
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    Hello for those of you that got in to Inver would you mind sharing what your GPA and TEAS scores were to get accepted?
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    I had a 3.8 GPA and scored 80 on the TEAS, so I had 11.8/14. I'm so happy that was enough!
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    4.0 with an 86%. I know another gal with same GPA and an 88% getting in.