What is the highest temp you have seen?

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    The highest temperature you have seen and did they survive? How long can a person sustained a high core temp say at 105 or higher?
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    Everyone I ever had with a super high temp had uncontrollable sepsis and didn't survive.
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    And as far as how long you can survive with a high temp... It depends on your health and metabolic status before the disease process set in. Some people are able to compensate better/longer than others. I have seen super high temps last for days, and I have seen them last for just a few hours (before pt dies).
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    pts with neurological insults will often times have temps >105.
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    Temp over 107F. Neurotrauma. The patient was toast and did not survive.
    Highest survived temp? Somewhere above 105F. Pt survived intact. Full blown AIDS patient.
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    104, really septic patient. Can't remember if they lived or died.

    Neurogenic fevers are very awkward. I work in a medical ICU, not neuro, so our docs will culture anything the patient looks at before giving up on it lol.
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    105 with extensive head/neuro trauma after a head-on MVA with a tractor trailer.
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    104.7 Out of state truck driver was driving wacky, pulled over by cops. He was sick, had chills, and turned the heater up full blast. He had a temp from whatever infectious process he had, then turned the heater up, windows up. Did I mention it was in July? The temp rapidly came down. 104.7 was what he presented with in the ER
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    I just had a 19 yr old F admitted to ICU 5 days post partum with a Temp of 105.7. Turned out she had sepsis from retained products of conceptions. We acted quickly and aggressively and she did fine in the end.

    Once saw a really sick pt (not mine) who had mult issues all of which I can't remember. He did have malignant hyperthermia Tmax was 106.7!!! We attempted to Tx with Dantrolene (boy is that fun to give!) He died within the next few days.
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    I had a patient who'd coded in OR and was brought back to ICU. When I took his midnight temp, it had gone up to 106.7 from 99 two hours prior. No real neuro function. Guy was toast.
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