What is the difference btw Step down unit and ICU? - page 2

by rn2bn07, BSN, RN | 69,387 Views | 11 Comments

Hello! I am always hearing step-down unit and am afraid to ask anybody what it means. I thought it was ICU " a step down from med-surg" but I know that it sounds stuid. Can you tell me the difference, I graduate in May 2007... Read More

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    I work in a SICU stepdown, its funny really we play musical chairs with the SICU, the pts come/go back/come/go back as many as 4 times a week. Noone is stable, we just down have the invasive lines... oh not to mention the codes every night!
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    MSICU stepdown here too. I never know where to post - seem to be in an in-between world.

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