Things I learned the hard way - page 3

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Hello, I am a nurse preceptor and currently trying to put together tips for mostly new grad RN's under my supervision in the ICU. I have a few already, but would love some input from some seasoned nurses and the new grads. I... Read More

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    NEVER turn of any alarms. NEVER NEVER NEVER turn off an arterial line alarm. If the ventilator keeps on alarming, ...don't figure it is cause the patient is coughing ...and don't keep hitting the SILENCE button..because most likely, ..........the tubing is disconnected somewhere.

    So true,....................... coldfoot.
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    In neonates,

    Never suction a baby that's already bradying down unless you have absolutely NO choice. Desatting baby, yes suction. Bradying baby, no. You'll brady it further and then you have a HR in the 40's. My rule of thumb... Learned the hard way.

    Never remove an ETT, assuming a baby has self extubated to give PPV via bag and mask without careful consideration. Especially micropreemie. Get someone else's opinion. Sometimes you can't get another tube in and then you'll likely have a code with no airway. Maybe lethal. I've seen it happen, baby died and may not have been extubated in the first place.