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Passed CCRN

  1. 1 I know know one cares, but I still gotta say it, after worrying so much about it, I passed with an 89%!!! Yahoo!. Im going to make sure I maintain my CEUS so I don't ever have to do it again. It was tough thats for sure. I mainly used the Pass CCRN review CD questions.
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    If we didn't care, we wouldn't be nurses or on this site.
    It is an important accomplishment to become certified in a specialty. Some are afraid to try because of the risk of failure/co workers finding out.
    Once again, congrats!!
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    Good for you! I am trying to read through the Pass CCRN book and the info dump is driving me crazy. I just want to get the test over with already. Such a PITA. Glad you have it behind you!
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    I've been in this nursing field for 12 yrs. Critical Care/ Trauma is all I know. I attempted to take the CCRN in 07 & failed by one question. I still have my score card. I was so upset I never open another book or took a practice test again. Today I'm preparing to go to Grad school after so many years at the bedside. I'm thinking of retaking the test b/c of course my focus is critical care. I took the old exam. Is there anything out there other than the Gasparis & Dennison. This was 5 yrs ago & I'm wonder is there anything new out that can be helpful. An On line seminar will be great.

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