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Experienced critical care nurse 10+ years. I worked in step-down unit for the last 3 years and pulling occasional shifts in the ICU and CCU. I've been on a new job for about 1 1/2 weeks now on nights... Read More

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    That sounds a the managers and charge nurses of my ICU. I have to pray each night before going to work.

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    i know i'm coming rather late to this particular party, but i guess i'd side with the charge nurse. with 24 patients, she can't be on top of the details of every single one of them, and you should have known who the patient's admitting physician was. many times, that makes a difference with what orders the hospitalist can or cannot give you. we have one surgeon that hates oxygen, and will verbally eviscerate anyone who orders (or uses) oxygen on a patient with an o2 saturation greater than 86. i'm not offering that up as a good thing -- it just is.

    the charge nurse wasn't being passive-aggressive. she talked to you about it outside the room and not in front of the patient. isn't that what we all say we want? i don't think talking to the manager about it afterward was necessarily out of line. the manager (and charge nurses) quite rightly want to know how you're doing and how you're fitting in. the charge nurse wanted to know if this was an isolated incident or if you have a history of ducking responsibility. if it was an isolated incident, ok, they might cut you some slack but if it's part of a pattern, they may decide on some sort of remediation or further education. and for the manager to mention the situation to you was not passive-aggressive or out of line, either. she wanted to hear your side of the story. isn't this what we want from our managers? to hear our side of the story when someone "complains" about us or passes on some less than positive information?

    as a nurse with a back injury, and a nurse with experience in sicu, micu, ccu and cvicu, i can tell you that a move to ccu or cvicu isn't going to be any easier on your back than micu. we get the same heavy adult patients, and they not only have to be turned every two hours, they have to be gotten up into chairs and hauled to their feet so they can walk in the hall. picu or nicu might be easier.
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