NIBP monitoring on same arm as the a-line? - page 2

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I've worked in a MICU for 1.5 years now. Some nurses do not monitor the NIBP when an a- line is in place. Citing discomfort of squeezing the arm hourly as their reason. Some nurses use the opposite arm of the a-line. Some opt... Read More

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    just another thing to note. Having just spent a brief amount of time in the ICU myself I originally had my cuff on the same arm as the a-line. It HURT a lot so I asked them to move it, despite the a-line they were still doing hourly cuff pressures on me, I'm young, 24 years old, average size but that cuff hurt a lot more than I ever thought it could and my other arm had IV's with fluids which would burn until the cuff released.

    The things you don't know until you experience them. I never did ask why they needed both, I did ask for the a-line to come out ASAP :-)

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