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Recently I was traveling in Florida with my family to Disney World and a cement truck traveling in the opposite direction, on I 10, had a catastrophic blow out of a front steer tire. He started... Read More

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    Thank you for sharing your story, very eye opening and I hope & pray you get well soon!

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    Your story gave me goosebumps. God bless you and your family.
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    Thanks for sharing your story and thanks for the interesting perspective, it's very helpful.
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    Thank you for sharing your story and I'm glad you were able to turn such a painful, frightening experience into something positive.

    I have come to believe that there is a certain perspective gained, when you've had to spend a little time on the "other side" of that bed, wearing the gown...using the bedpan, if you will. You hit the nail on the head when you stated the importance of explaining everything. What we as the RN may see as minute and mundane, may actually be quite major to our patients.

    YES, Lovenox burns like heck and so do the lumbar drains placed for CSF leaks when they're pulled (like flames down the tops of your thighs) without warning. I'm one malignant brain tumor, two DVT (one with massive PE's), basal cell carcinoma (I don't tan, by the way) and 14 various surgeries experienced on the "other side" of the bed. I'm not an expert...but I know that I like it better from the side I'm on more regularly.

    I'm alive and I'm able-bodied and I'm employed. I've lived longer than was expected and thus I am blessed beyond belief. I am where I meant to be...

    Sounds like you are too...
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    So glad you are ok! How very scary for all of you!

    My 2 oldest live in Orlando and as I live near Pensacola I-10 is a freeway I must frequent. It's a horribly dangerous freeway. I was almost creamed by a semi my last trip down in April and had to drive down the center median but thankfully kept control. I still have a vivid picture of the female truck drivers' face as we glanced at each other...she thought for sure she was going to hit me. A Versa decided to slam on his brakes in front of the truck after seeing a FHP car further up and almost caused a serious pile up! I digress....

    Thank you for sharing your story. Prayers and well wishes for your continued recovery!
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    Awesome insight.

    Sorry you had to go through it, but still...a great reminder to us all. Thank you for posting.
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    So glad you are well on the road to recovery, along with your kids. I can't even imagine being so far away from my kids in that situation for so many agonizing hours! Somebody was warching over you all that fateful day.
    Also. I can 100% completely empathize with you. I too was an ICU trauma patient. After a routine hysterectomy with 4-6 weeka recovery ( that's the standard anyhow) I contracted necrotizing faciitis and within days of this seemingly routine procedure. My flesh was literally rotting off from my body in big chunks all aong my abdomen starting with huge purple pustules that burst and drained. While my temp hovers around 103-104, my fingers and feet freezing. shaking uncontrollably from chills. My then 19 year old son, holdiing my hand so tight as we say the lords prayer together, he walks briskly along side the gurney on the way to the OR STAT. "Son, I love you, my will is in my cabinet etc etc, there is XXX amount of money stashed in the green hoody in the very back of the closet in my room, call so and so for any medical (life or death decisions) they were two good friends of mine who were nurses who knew and cared about me and my son. I look at the monitors and my BP is steady dropping before I am completely unconcious. The next 7 days in the ICU, they kept me pretty zonked as they kept me stable enough to debride my gapping wounds q AM. Moved to a med surg floor for a couple of days before being shuffled off to a LTC facility wayyy too soon and NOT one of my choosing. To be treated like a leper, or sick dog by CNA's and nurses alike. What a horrific time time in my life!
    It took me 18 months to fight back. It's taken me another 6 years to realize I am now a partially disabled nurse. I can not do as much as I used to, I have had to switch from days to night shifts. I have learned to pace myself and allow myself to take extra rest if need be. I still have my good sense and good nursing judgement, I still have my intellect, my compassion has multiplied 100 fold! Same as you. I ALWAYS let my patients know what kind of care I am am giving before I lay my hands on them. I understand how having a friendly positive nurse can really make my day while in the hospital and how a snobby nurse with a bad attitude, who coulldn't give a hoot can have a huge impact on my day as well.
    Although I may have some physical limitations now. I have become such a better, well rounded nurse since having my turn on the "other side of the bed". I am grateful every day to even be nursing still. So on those days when other girls are moaning and groaning about wotk, or gossiping about fellow nurses. I turn and walk the other way and quietly Thank God I have been blessed with another day to take care of others and be there for them when they need me most.
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    So glad you are on the road to recovery. God bless.
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    Sorry I haven't responded sooner, I've since had double knee surgery and I go in Friday for shoulder surgery. GOD was with us and I thank you all for being kind and reading my long post. I'm ready for this nightmare to end. I can't wait to get back on the floor I need a little brain stimuli. I'm not good at sitting on my butt and watching hours of mindless TV.
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    My wishes and prayers for a speedy recovery from you most recent surgeries.

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