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Hello, I am looking for LPN schools in Michigan, because I am sick of waiting to get into the nursinhg program at my school. It is taking way to long. Thanks so much... Read More

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    I attended St. Clair county Community College. They have a campus in the Pt. Huron and Bad Axe (the thumb) area. I attended the Bad Axe campus. Tough program but very good. Full time attendance only in Bad Axe. Can go part time in Pt. Huron. They have website---www.sc4.edu My class of 2005 started with 30 and finished with 27. All of us passed the board on the first shot. Excellent instructors.

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    ITT Tech is now offering an LPN program here in MI. Im going myself to check it out. I have a degree as a Medical Assistant and I am gonna further my education. ITT tech is having seminars that are an hour long about the program at there Canton MI campus:heartbeat
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    Be very careful of places like ITT Tech. I'm not saying their program is inferior, but it may not be transferable. So if you plan on going to RN will all your toil be in vain b/c credits don't transfer. Something to consider no matter where one takes LPN course. Let us know how it goes.
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    Quote from starnik14
    Hello, I am looking for LPN schools in Michigan, because I am sick of waiting to get into the nursinhg program at my school. It is taking way to long. Thanks so much
    Baker College Auburn Hills has an LPN program. There is no waitlist; you either get accepted or not. If not, you apply again next enrollment period. Right now, they only accept 30 people a year, but I think they're trying to get approved for a second program right now. They were also just approved for the LPN-to-RN bridge, with the first program starting in September. I was just accepted and start in September, so I can't tell you much more yet, but entry was based on pre-reqs GPA, repeat classes, classes transferred in, and HESI. Good luck to you - I hope you find a school that works for you and one that you can get accepted to in a reasonable timeframe!
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    To Jlbeeler
    ITT Tech does NOT offer an LPN program. They do however have an RN program. Monroe County Community College has an LPN program.
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    Muskegon Community College has an LPN program but there's a 2-3 year waitlist. If i were you i'd go for the RN if you can you'll find more options for schools. Baker in Muskegon has no waitlist for the RN program last i knew. I'm pretty sure Davenport has no waitlist as well.
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    Hello I am new here and need some serious help! I am thinking about going to dorsey school for LPN. Its accredited by the state of michigan board of nursing but not the NLN. I currently do not have a car and no job so my options are very limited. Has anyone ever been through the dorsey school system? I have already been screwed by another school (baker) and I do not want it to happen again.
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    I start @ nexcare in westland this aug, there cost is 17k. There are also other schools like ou riverview campus as well as some schools in toledo ohio.
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    wow, 17K is a lot , does that include books, and all fees? It seemed like we always had a lot of extra expenses in nursing school.

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