FREE GRANT money up to $10,000 for school with No Worker Left Behind

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    governor granholm began the no worker left behind (nwlb) initiative in august 2007. this is a great program in michigan that gives free money - yes free money - to qualified applicants to use in any accredited program in michigan (especially nursing) that will provide them with work skills. it is the no worker left behind program. it is excellent!

    go to the following website and check out all of the links and pages and tabs for complete information.

    visit your local michigan works! agency to determine your eligibility.
    to locate the closest michigan works! office, visit or call 1-800-285-works(9675).
    a list of the mich works agencies is at -

    go to this link: it answers almost every question under the frequently asked questions faq section at -,1607,...049---,00.html

    here is some info quoted directly from the state of michigan website on the website page links noted below:,1607,...2181--,00.html

    the no worker left behind program details
    for too long, michigan's unemployment system has encouraged workers who have lost their jobs due to outsourcing and globalization to wait for a better opportunity to come along. they can no longer afford to wait. now, michigan is taking the next step to help thousands of displaced workers who need new skills and training to transition to a new career. by redirecting the state and federal dollars already used for worker training programs, we can open wide the doors of education and training to every displaced worker in michigan who needs it.
    governor granholm's new no worker left behind (nwlb) plan will help more than 100,000 displaced workers by:
    • providing up to two years free tuition at any michigan community college or other approved training program;
    • allowing displaced workers to receive needed training in high demand skills while receiving unemployment benefits.
    to qualify for the nwlb program, displaced workers will need to take a skills assessment test administered by michigan works! agencies (mwas). qualifying workers must pursue an associate's degree or attend a technical training program in a high-demand occupation, emerging industry, or entrepreneurship program. high-demand occupations vary from region to region, however some common examples include health care, accounting and bookkeeping services, information technology, auto service technicians and mechanics.
    no worker left behind is a one-time offer for michigan's displaced workers. eligible participants have three years to participate in this program.
    the no worker left behind program was announced in governor granholm's 2007 state of the state address and is expected to be up and running in time for the 2007 fall semester. looking for training now? many training programs and services are available now to displaced workers at local michigan works! service centers. select the job resources in your community through michigan works! link on the home page of the no worker left behind website,, to find the service center nearest you.


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    Thanks for all the info. I am running up there after the new year. Merry Christmas
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    Does anyone know how long it takes to get this grant? I know a lady that said she waited a year before her money came through but that may not be the norm.
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    I received my $5000 voucher about 4 weeks after I applied.
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    wow that's really fast ... so what happens if you don't use all of the first $5000 voucher, can you use it towards the second year expenses or does it disappear?
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    I don't think you can carry the money over. You have to provide your tuition bill from the college. I am attending OU and my voucher was for the exact amount, which happens to be almost 5K ($4895). The balance was another voucher to be used at the bookstore-for books only. And again, I had to provide the book list for the courses. Hope that helps. Good luck.
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    I plan on re-applying since in sometime in April or May, so that I will be all set for when I
    the HAPPY LETTER from WCCCD...
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    upon further research i don't think i will eligible for the grant , its a one time program that lasts three years. if it started in 2007, then 2009 is the last year. i'm not getting into the nursing program until 2010. sucks for me but good luck and best wishes everyone else!!
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    A lot of these programs are extended. Keep checking and don't give up. THis was federal money, so the next administration may offer something different that will apply to you by the time you actually need it.
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    Brown Sugar..

    If I were you I would continue to check, I will not start the program until 2010 also, but I am
    applying for no worker left behind in April or May...

    Good luck

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