Everest Institute.. Anyone have info?

  1. I'm looking into the Everest institute LPN program in Southfield.. I called and they want you to attend an info meeting however, I will be out of town on the next two dates they are offering. Has anyone gone to one of these meetings? If so could you share any info on the program? TIA!!!
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  3. by   teeniebert
    Have you met with an admissions rep yet? I met with mine several times before going to any other meetings. I'm at the Grand Rapids campus though, so it might be different. There were 2 large functions I went to--one was a campus open house, where I got a tour and punch and cookies and a free massage from a senior massage therapy student; the other was an orientation for new PN students about 2 weeks before the term started. I think I took the Compass test before the open house, but I'm not sure. I just finished week 8 of Level 1 so my brain is full of medications and procedures and care plans at the moment. Let me know if you have any other questions, I'll be happy to answer what I can.
  4. by   MISSALISSA777
    Hi thanks Melissa (my name too by the way!) I haven't met with anyone yet, I can't make the next two meetings because Im going on vacation. I'm planning on going to the July 21st meeting. How does their financial aid work? I have heard they are pretty expensive. Right now I'm attending WCCCD, and I have a couple of grants, which mostly take care of my tuition. What is your schedule like? Do you go during the day or at night? Is it a year long program, and will your credits transfer to an RN program when you are done? Thanks so much!
  5. by   oguesswhat
    Are you sure its an LPN program and not an MA (medical assistant) program? I just looked on their web site because I didn't think they had an LPN program and I didn't see it. Maybe they do I don't know but I went there about 2 years ago and they did not. Don't waste your money. Medical assistant jobs pay between $8 and $10 an hour. I started at $9 an hour (not quite worth it at $11,000 tuition rate ha) And it does NOT transfer to a college. I am in nursing school now and I asked about that and they said absolutely nothing transfers ever from that particular school. I currently do not work as a medical assistant. $9 an hour doesn't pay the bills. So take your chances...if it is LPN then who knows maybe but don't believe them if they say medical assistants start at $15 an hour cause of everyone that graduated with me not one got hired at more than $10 an hour (without benefits of course ha)
  6. by   MISSALISSA777
    Hi, thanks for the reply.. I didn't think they had an LPN program either till I called the one in Southfield. I guess it's too new to be listed on their site. I know what you mean, I attended Ross back in 94 for Medical Assisting. Although my tuition was only like 6,000 at the time, I'm still only making 12.00 an hour, and thats without benefits. It sucks. I'm planning on going to their info meeting July 21st, so I guess we'll see what they have to say! I've heard they're expensive, that's why I'm trying to see if anyone has gone there, or gone to a meeting! If they don't offer financial aid, forget it!
  7. by   SillyRabbit
    Hi Melissa, I went to Everest information meeting back in January sometime. It was on 10 and half and evergreen. I think it's the same campus. It is an 11 month program 15 weeks for each term. They do admissions in January, May and September. They accept 40 students each term. Admissions is based on points. For example points is given for college credits, high school diploma or GED things like that. Not hard to get. You have to take an test and something else forgot what it was. It is a five day a week monday thru friday from 830a-530p. It is either 2 days lecture 3 days clinical or vice versa. They do financial aid, but it costs 24,000 something odd dollars. I couldn't attend, because it allows me no time to work, although I would have loved too. If you are an LPN you can transfer to any school that does an LPN to RN program. By the way I'm a medical assistant also for the past 9 years. It not the best job in the world and I make over $12.00 hour with benefits. It's better than mininum wage. If nursing is something you want to do than medical assisting gives you a heads up on whats to come. We all have to start somewhere. You have to start from the bottom and work your way up. Hope this helps.
  8. by   MISSALISSA777
    Thanks Silly Rabbit! Hopefully I will be able to do it, a full time program is tough because you don't have time to work. I guess I could work somewhere on the weekend or something for spending money. My husband makes pretty good money, so hopefully we'll be fine. It seems easier than crossing my fingers and praying that I get into the program at WCCCD. I'm just afraid that if I apply in Sept for the Jan class I won't get in, then I'll be waiting even longer! I've been in school for over 2 years now. I'm ready to be done! Medical Assisting is okay, I love my job don't get me wrong. I just think that we are underpaid for all of the stuff we have to do. I could work somewhere that offers benefits but where I'm at now has been great about my crazy work schedule. I couldn't ask for more flexibility. You're right we all have to start somewhere! And we'll have a little bit of a headstart on everything in nursing school which is good! Good luck to you! :spin:
  9. by   hopesgramcracker
    Hello! Just following up to see if you got into the Everest lpn program. I start the lpn program at the Southfield location on May 11th.
  10. by   want2beanurse2
    Hi Hopesgramcracker,
    My name is San and I cant yet send private messages.....I am interested in hearing about your experiences at Everest. I attended an information session last year and just now am I looking towards Everest as a possibility. Could you please send me an email with any info you may have and I will then email you my number if you prefer to talk on the phone. Thank You and I wish you the best with school! jjbradshawl@yahoo.com
  11. by   dream00
    Save your money and go to a community college instead like Oakland community college or Schoolcraft, Wayne community college Henry Ford community college etc, those private schools are mega expensive and their courses
    dont transfer anywhere. i went to an info session last yr and also took the tests, when i found out how much it was going to cost. I said have a nice day and then checked out what I said above. Community colleges are alot cheaper and have better reputations
  12. by   want2beanurse2
    Hello, Thanks for replying. I think maybe I'm feeling a little desperate at this point. I live less than 5 min from the Auburn Hills OCC, Baker College and Oakland University and not enrolled in either one! I want to go for RN but surely dont mind using LPN as a stepping stone. I think I messed up my financial aid at OCC, Baker is expensive but very convienient but only accept 30 students per year and not sure if I have what it takes to be in the top 30 amongst hundreds of other applicants (just being real, not doubting myself) I am considering Wayne County and Henry Ford has easier requirements for getting on wait list but the drive is further than I care for. But I'm ready!! I dream about this and now that my children are older (12 and 7) I think I will have the ability to focus and do my best which also means if the sacrifice is driving a little further than I will have to make do. Thanks again. What school do you go to or have graduated from?
  13. by   dream00
    I just finished up my last pre-req req'd for the RT program at OCC Southfield. Just waiting to hear whether I get accepted into the program....if not I do have a plan B.
  14. by   want2beanurse2
    Having a plan A, B, and C is a good route nowadays. I can say the one and only thing I dread most about being a nurse is sputum, spit anything that comes out a person's mouth. I work in the lab and often have to set up sputum specimens in microbiology...words just cant explain!! That's my weakness! I would hate for the patient to see the look on my face while I'm suctioning. lol! Other than that RT sounds like a wonderful program. It can be frustrating to have a desire to go to school to improve ourselves for the better only to be sitting on a waiting list because the field is in such high demand, I wish you the best! Always keep that backup! I wish I had one.

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