2011 grads..jobs?

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    How is the job market looking for all you new grads in the Detroit area? I graduate next week and have gotten nothing but rejections so far. I work at a Detroit hospital but they do not hire RNs without a license anymore, so I am not guarantee anything just yet and I am getting anxious. Just wanna see how it is going for recent grads....

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    I graduated last year, but I don't believe the job market has improved since then. It's about the same or worse... All I got was rejection letters before I got my license. In fact some hospitals ask pre-screening questions such as "are you currently licensed." Answering NO pretty much automatically disqualifies you. Once I got my license I got 4 interviews. Granted it took 4 months to land a job irregardless, so be mindful that it may take awhile to get hired.

    It's hard and discouraging at times, but possible. Just ensure that you follow basic job-search etiquette: Fill out apps completely, always have a cover letter and a fine tuned resume, if you'd like to work in tele/icu/er etc. get your ACLS (if you can afford to, it's about $200+), since having ACLS I've gotten more interviews in those specialties and even med/surg, and send a thank you card to whomever interviewed you. When I got hired my manager specifically mentioned how she liked the card.
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    Hi, I graduated last week.... not many places are hiring GN's. I have put out about 20 apps and no good news. I know about 5 people who got hired, but they already worked at that hospital. I am going to concentrate on studying for NCLEX and then I will start applying. Good luck!
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    Thanks for the input! I am crossing my fingers that my current hospital and manager will help me get a position, I guess I am lucky to work for one of the bigger systems in the area.
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    don't worry you'll get a job, look at a nursing home the pay is better starting out and you'll get lots of experience and lots of patients!!! its worth it get your experience then move on I did!!!!!!
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    Thanks everyone for the feedback. Looks like my boss is going to have a job for me once I pass NCLEX. So relieved!
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    In regards to new grads in mi... i just graduated! I was thinking of looking into long term facilities, does anyone have an idea what the pay is vs the pay at hospitals?

    Thank you in advance
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    in Michigan the pay at LTC is better than no pay...just sayin...
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    I believe that hospitals start out around $24/hr for RNs. I just passed the NCLEX-pn and got hired in LTC. I started off at $22/hr as an LPN.
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    Quote from cmorales79
    I believe that hospitals start out around $24/hr for RNs. I just passed the NCLEX-pn and got hired in LTC. I started off at $22/hr as an LPN.
    Cmorales79, if you don't mind me asking, what school did you attend for you LPN? I'm going to inbox you my other question.

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