2011 grads..jobs?

  1. How is the job market looking for all you new grads in the Detroit area? I graduate next week and have gotten nothing but rejections so far. I work at a Detroit hospital but they do not hire RNs without a license anymore, so I am not guarantee anything just yet and I am getting anxious. Just wanna see how it is going for recent grads....
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  3. by   a_damsel
    I graduated last year, but I don't believe the job market has improved since then. It's about the same or worse... All I got was rejection letters before I got my license. In fact some hospitals ask pre-screening questions such as "are you currently licensed." Answering NO pretty much automatically disqualifies you. Once I got my license I got 4 interviews. Granted it took 4 months to land a job irregardless, so be mindful that it may take awhile to get hired.

    It's hard and discouraging at times, but possible. Just ensure that you follow basic job-search etiquette: Fill out apps completely, always have a cover letter and a fine tuned resume, if you'd like to work in tele/icu/er etc. get your ACLS (if you can afford to, it's about $200+), since having ACLS I've gotten more interviews in those specialties and even med/surg, and send a thank you card to whomever interviewed you. When I got hired my manager specifically mentioned how she liked the card.
  4. by   cjbacjba
    Hi, I graduated last week.... not many places are hiring GN's. I have put out about 20 apps and no good news. I know about 5 people who got hired, but they already worked at that hospital. I am going to concentrate on studying for NCLEX and then I will start applying. Good luck!
  5. by   CorazonDeOro
    Thanks for the input! I am crossing my fingers that my current hospital and manager will help me get a position, I guess I am lucky to work for one of the bigger systems in the area.
  6. by   excited08
    don't worry you'll get a job, look at a nursing home the pay is better starting out and you'll get lots of experience and lots of patients!!! its worth it get your experience then move on I did!!!!!!
  7. by   CorazonDeOro
    Thanks everyone for the feedback. Looks like my boss is going to have a job for me once I pass NCLEX. So relieved!
  8. by   angelgreg
    In regards to new grads in mi... i just graduated! I was thinking of looking into long term facilities, does anyone have an idea what the pay is vs the pay at hospitals?

    Thank you in advance
  9. by   tewdles
    in Michigan the pay at LTC is better than no pay...just sayin...
  10. by   cmorales79
    I believe that hospitals start out around $24/hr for RNs. I just passed the NCLEX-pn and got hired in LTC. I started off at $22/hr as an LPN.
  11. by   Sirena922
    Quote from cmorales79
    I believe that hospitals start out around $24/hr for RNs. I just passed the NCLEX-pn and got hired in LTC. I started off at $22/hr as an LPN.
    Cmorales79, if you don't mind me asking, what school did you attend for you LPN? I'm going to inbox you my other question.
  12. by   SweettartRN
    Some people don't recommend this, but I do and got several job offers from doing so.

    I went through the phone book/googled "hospitals, home care agencies, nursing, etc" and went to their websites. I found their HR email addresses, and emailed my resume. I probably sent over 150 resumes doing this. But lo, and behold, I got about 7 different interviews in just a few days by doing this. YMMV, but it worked for me.
  13. by   amandan08
    I'm new to the area, and a new RN, and I think it is not good for me...

    I have 3 job offers from where I used to live, but I can't exactly go back now. I have submitted probably 300 job applications here, and I have only gotten one call back, and I didn't get that job. I can't get anyone to talk to me at all. I feel like I made a huge mistake moving here, but it wasn't just for work... Anyways, any tips/advice would be helpful. I feel so depressed! It wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the fact that I have offers from where I did my clinical rotations at...

    Does it have something to do with them being unfamiliar with my college maybe?
  14. by   fleetfoxRN
    Hey, I know I'm not from Michigan but I live across from Detroit - in Windsor Ontario Canada. A lot of the RN's I went to school with wrote their NCLEX exam through MN, got their visa screen done and a handful I know who applied, all landed jobs within various hospitals fro Henry Ford to the DMC. As far as I know, from what I heard from them.. their employers considered them because over here in Canada we have our BScN where a lot of my friends who went to school in Michigan have an associates degree. I'm not saying they're any more or less of an RN, but it's something that the employer preferred and it even stated "BScN preferred". I'll be maxing out my credit card by putting a $200 ACLS program on it instead of your standard 'CPR Level C health care provider'. If you have a great GPA, include that into your resume.

    I would consider that it's the same with us as it would be for those doing rotations within Michigan - I wouldn't consider applying for a job until I've passed my NCLEX exam. I take it on August 31st. There's a lot more work out in the States then there is for me here in Windsor. In Michigan there is a huge array of hospitals to pick from, where HERE... I have 3. If I can't score with them I have to apply for work in London, Ontario and upwards. Screw that.

    If you're handing out a bunch of resumes to the hospitals here and you haven't landed an interview, change up your resume. Is it some mass cover letter you have on there? Do some background checks into the hospitals and talk about their hospital on your cover letter and why you'd be a good fit for them. Do some volunteer work (while it's still summer time). As soon as I changed up my resume I landed an interview (mind you, it was for a nursing home as a charge nurse and I do not want to work in a nursing home... I figured I'd get the experience with the interview). I'm sure you'll find that you'll soon have three job offers all at once. Don't get discouraged... I'm in this with you as well. You'll find something soon enough.