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what are the best mens scrubs you have found? - page 6

what brands and style I decided I am gonna order some off the net because I am sick of the unisex crap. I have been looking at the Aviator scrubs and they seem pretty nice.... Read More

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    Oh! There shirts have vents near the shoulders and are long enough to tuck in your pants.
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    So I am about to order myself some of these Aviator scrubs...

    Can anyone tell me how they are after they are washed? I am on borderline between sizes for the top, and I just want to be sure that it is not going to really shrink up on me.

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    i have 4 sets of mobb scrubs. the ones with the guy wearing them.

    and i just picked up 2 sets of ECKOUNLITED or something that are guy scrubs. they sure feel nice and light.
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    I'm really picky with the fabric since I'd be wearing for at least 12 hours. Some scrubs feel like I'm wearing a burlap. I buy Uniform Advantage, Butter Soft brand. I want my boys comfortable!
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    Is there a store anywhere in Los Angeles that has guy stuff?
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    I work in peds and just picked up a couple of scrub tops with Marvel heroes on them. They were a HUGE hit. They are made by Cherokee
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    I only wear Landeau scrubs. Cargo pants with a unisex top. Look good, fit good, good quality.
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    It seems that different body types seems to have a preference for different brands of scrubs. I'm thin with a long torso and have taken a liking to Landau and UA scrubs. UA are on the cheaper end of the spectrum, but they've held up well so far and I really like the way they fit on my body type.
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    Quote from danegerous
    i am actually in the process of developing my own scrubs. i have been trying on and test-fitting every set i can get my hands on to find out which features i want to keep. this is a long process, but i really think it will pan out in the long run.

    the target audience will be men, but more of a "tactical" or high acuity setting. what i mean by that is, they will be geared toward function, having lots of pockets and lots of performance-enhancing features: gusseted/vented sleeves/pockets, self-hemming pant legs allowing adjustable lengths, etc.

    in the mean time, i just bought some men's scrubs from grey's anatomy, they were $32 for the top and $36 for the pants...these suckers better start ivs for me!
    count me in when you start the male scrubs, & regarding those grey anatomy scrubs they are gear more towards less muscle tone guys, which leaves me out.
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    With you about Grey Anatomy scrubs.

    Dickie's fit awesome tho
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    Bought a set of Skechers men's scrubs. I wasn't so into the pants, as they were drawstring without elastic, so if you have anything in your pockets they tend to hang down (and it takes forever to get them undone to go to the bathroom...), but I love the top. Wear it basically every day. Good fit, good number of pockets, and a nice material that doesn't feel cheap.

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