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  1. AMAC8487


    Hey whats up nurse man! I'll be joining you as well... DNP+MSN program correct?!
  2. AMAC8487

    CCRN Audio study material

    Laura gasparis. Used it and just passed my ccrn with just that and pass ccrn question bank
  3. AMAC8487

    Are men not as neat as women nurses?

    I'm a male nurse working ER trauma and cvicu. I wouldn't coin it as "messy" however I think us men are generally a tad bit less anal. I love getting report from other men. I feel women are better with the details, where men are typically straight to the point. to each their own, but I prefer straight to the point.
  4. AMAC8487

    i HATE my job. Does anyone else feel the same?

    AS much as I hate my current role, and probably for the most part, majority of inpatient nursing... I still would not trade my BSN for anything else really. The comfort I have for knowing that I will ALWAYS have a job.. and I mean ALWAYS (maybe not the floor or unit you want) but will always be able to provide an income, is very rare in todays world. Its a building block for me. The way I get through each day is telling myself this is not permanent, this is not my life, this is not my future lifelong job.
  5. AMAC8487

    i HATE my job. Does anyone else feel the same?

    . No kidding eh?!They are staffing recruiters for engineering firms. Basically finding engineers jobs, and the rest of his company does all the interviewing , benefits etc... I almost am about to tell him to sign me up lol
  6. AMAC8487

    i HATE my job. Does anyone else feel the same?

    yup, I hate my job Been an RN for 2 years.. Worked level I Trauma ER and now CVSICU... Hate both of them for different reasons, and like aspects of each for different reasons.. Im just tired of working my ass off, hardly getting a break, Working weekends, holidays, and rotating night/day shift and no way to increase your pay Tired of seeing my friends make more than me, not be tired, get bonuses, and granted raises because "they thought they deserved one" It saddens me.. it really does. I am damn good at what I do, and its a shame I feel I can no longer happily do this profession.
  7. AMAC8487

    6 months into CSICU..

    Trust me, I am right there with you.. I LOVE the science and procedures, but I feel absolutely DRAINED. Doesnt help that every 6 weeks, I change from Day shift to night shift... I dont really know how much I can take of this... I like the medicine, but starting to really dislike the nursing.
  8. AMAC8487

    Fresh Heart Training

    Wow... I started on a VERY busy and well known and sought after CVICU about 4 months ago...and got a fresh heart my 3rd day on my own haha. Thats crazy that they wait that long for you! Help is always there, and Ive learned to really turn to my senior co workers.
  9. AMAC8487


    Wow... 3 Months of orientation?! I got 9 weeks of orientation!! Just hang in there... I recently started in a SUPER busy CVSICU, and am scared ******** everyday I walk into work to hear my assignment.... Im in hopes it gets better as well... but I try not to stress myself out... Just do the best you can.
  10. AMAC8487

    New to CVSICU...cardiac gtts

    I just recently started in a CVICU as well.. I am nervous as to drips as well.. Ive worked in a Busy Emergency room, so its not like I havent see many of these drips, but titrating 5-6 at a time is quite different! When the patients come out from surgery, they already come to me with most everything hanging... Is almost everything compatible? It seems that no matter what drugs they are on, they are always running through the same cordis... and whenever I need to hang a new med, Im doing IV interactions with ALL the drugs running through that line... it seems a little tedious... anyone have any info to shed on this?
  11. AMAC8487

    Hoag Hospital ER

    ahh yah i guess I never thought about all the inner cities that come in to the hospital. I am so used to workin in a LARG hospital that I am used to people coming from all over the place, that I figured a smaller hospital would be more local... but being one of the biggest in orange county, I guess it makes sense :) From everything I have read about the place has been excellent.. it seems the patients really like it there which is a rarity to me. Most people HATE hospitals lol The few people I met there were SUPER nice... It was really welcoming when I went and visited :) Whew.. Such a long haul, 3000 miles away from family and friends... but it just may be worth it :)
  12. AMAC8487

    Hoag Hospital ER

    Hey everyone!! So, I am relocating to California soon, and landed a job working at hoag hospital in the ER Currently, I work in a Level I Trauma center here in metro Detroit, and see all sorts of populations, to very wealthy to living on the streets, along with all the ailments that go along with those lifestyles. It is a very large hospital (over 1400 beds or so) and our ER is approx 136 beds. Pretty darn big! I get an average of 8 patients at a time, and get one tech to myself that helps with blood draws, ECGs, etc. Hoag newport to me seems much, much, much more mellow. Granted, they do appear to be quite a busy ER. I guess a main question I have is has any of you worked there, specifically in the ER? Know anybody who has? Did they like it? Was the staff friendly? Was it a good patient population? I cant help but keep thinking it is going to be all SUPER rich people that are demanding and in a rush to get out of there. (Foundation members if you will), I always tend to butt heads with these people as many (not all) are used to being demanding and impatient (in my expierence here at least). Any insight ANYONE has is MUCH appreciated! Thanks!
  13. Haha yeah I been lookin at areas by the beach actually, but with Roomates from criagslist. I could easily afford it, I'm just not so sure I want to live with 3 people in a house . Granted its a big beach house ...So what's the "are you good enough for hoag". Please explain :). Or any other info on the hospital you may have ... Have or do you work there ?
  14. I agree with the above statement.... That is the only thig really on my mind that's making me debate going. Granted I am only 24, but there are alota people my age with mommy and daddy's money drivin Lambos and Porsches , and the women are often quite pretentious. I had a girl come up to me at the bar there asking if I rent or own... I said I don't live here, and she walked away hahah. It was quite bad. Sure not all is like that. I met a lot of cool people on my trip. But it's a never ending competition. At least that's how it seems in Newport
  15. Yeah, I mean don't get me wrong a lot of what you find on these forums can be taken as gold , but there is also a lot that you must not let misguide you I don't know about you, but do you remember in nursing school, everyone FREAKINg out over an exam...freaking and stressing you out, then you take it and are like "oh that wasn't so bad" I feel like a lot of that can go on in these forums or in life by word of mouth as well. The only truth is what you find yourself and what you make of it. I been reading these forums about how impossible it is to get jobs etc, and Ive had 2 offers already in southern California and I have been a nurse for 10 months I have nothing too special , just could be the luck and timing. But if so, that is enough to show you it can be done. If I went with what many say on here I would have never applied in the first place. Sure. You'll apply to 25 places and get turned down 25. But just keep at it. Youll get something eventually. Sure it's discouraging, but in the end you'll Appreciate it much more it's possible.
  16. I am in macomb township... 25 minutes or so North of Detroit