Polling our male nurses: What area of nursing are you currently in right now?

  1. 0 Thought this would give us all a nice visual once folks place their vote.

    Currently, I am in Ortho-Neuro Med Surg.

    Also, I have placed a similar poll in our Male Nursing Student Forum. That poll can be viewed here:

    Good comparison threads when viewed together.
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  2. Poll: As a man in Nursing, I primarily work in the area of.....

    • Emergency Room

      18.80% 377
    • Perioperative

      4.04% 81

      21.90% 439
    • Pediatics/PICU/NICU

      5.84% 117
    • Physical rehab

      1.65% 33
    • Medical

      2.54% 51
    • Med Surg

      9.38% 188
    • Psychiatry/Chemical Dependency/Detox

      6.38% 128
    • L & D/Maternity

      1.15% 23
    • Oncology

      2.09% 42
    • Long Term Care/Geriatrics

      5.89% 118
    • Hospice

      0.90% 18
    • Management

      2.44% 49
    • Independent Practice

      0.25% 5
    • Education

      1.45% 29
    • Sales/Pharmaceuticals

      0.25% 5
    • Nursing Law

      0.20% 4
    • Home Health Care

      1.45% 29
    • Case Management

      0.30% 6
    • Outpatient/Physician Office

      0.95% 19
    • Research

      0.65% 13
    • Other

      9.23% 185
    • Transport/Flight Nursing

      2.29% 46
    2005 Votes
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    Interesting poll. It's going to be interesting to see if my stereotype of male nurses perferring places like ER and ICU is true.

    I would eventually like to get into education
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    Critical Care: add me to the stereotype.

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    Transport/Flight Nursing added.
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    Peds BMT, I am one of 5 in our area, about 10% of the nurses on our floor. Every day I am pleasently surprised at how many of my peers are also men.
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    Med/Surg on the Cardiac/Gen. Surg/Bariatric, floor.........my goal is to get to the PACU someday soon.
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    wow! 2 in L/D.....more power to you!
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    O.R. for almost 30 years!!! YIKES!!! Time flies when you are having fun.
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    Critical Care :spin:
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    Havent we done this already?

    Anyway.... five years ICU-SICU (transplant-cardiac etc etc).

    I moonlight in a couple small ERs.

    Currently deployed.

    Would like to get into transport or flight. I dont think I could stomach the ICU anymore after this. Id like to go to EMT-P school for fun but I dont see how I could find the time-

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    Went into the ED right out of school, sort of goes with the Army side. Hoping to continue with Critical Care or Or. Really found Med/Surg dull during school.
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    Quote from MidMaineNursingGuy
    Went into the ED right out of school, sort of goes with the Army side. Hoping to continue with Critical Care or Or. Really found Med/Surg dull during school.
    Were you a Combat Medic in the AMEDD?

    BTW, if you found Med/Surg boring most likely will find the OR boring, too. I'd bet you'd like working in the ICU, or CCU.
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    30% ER and ICU. While not a majority, still the largest two categories.
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