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New guy here. I'm a 46 yr old single dad of 3 daugters (that accounts for some of what's wrong with my brain). I've decided to take the plunge and start the prereqs at my local community college with the intent to become... Read More

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    i prefer the title "nurse commando"
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    Dad, get over it. I've written this before but a real man can wear a tutu and still be a real man. I'm your age and have a similar life profile. No one cares you're a man. You take care of sick people, which is an awesome and lofty calling. Real men can be caring and sensitive. Just last year I cried when I hit my thumb with a hammer. We just need to rebrand the label with our manly awesomeness.
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    I prefer the title of: "Frontline Paperwork Pusher" myself.
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    When you become a member of the Federation of Male Nurses then you can complain...until then you are an aspiring

    This topic has been discussed so much on here...the problem in my opinion is in the people that think "nurse" is a female term and all male nurses want to be doctors...
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    A spade is a spade is a spade.

    A nurse is a nurse is a nurse, and if it ain't broke, then don't fix it.
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    Big Papa works for me :-)
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    I will be plenty happy to finish school and be referred to as "the RN that caught the F--k up".

    Which beats the all too common new grad alternative of "that RN F----d up..."

    Both have RN in the title which, considering how hard I am working to get those initials, I am fine with.
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    I agree midlife.... They all took this way too seriously... I am in school right now and someone in postpartum ask me the other day what kind of nurse I wanted to be and I told them a midhusband / lactation consultant. They laughed their a$$ off. I wasn't serious of course, but I had fun with it and they did too. I think that was the point of this point, just to have fun.
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    I'm someone who no matter what, I hear the word nurse I think woman. I can't say I admire that aspect of nursing too much.
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    I've been a male nurse for 28 years. I've gotten a thicker skin over the years, but the comments still bug me sometimes. But when some jerk makes a snide comment I tell them that I enjoy the scenery I work with. But believe me, I'd rather work with a bunch of male nurses than an all female crew. Less drama. Another thing that bugs me is that it seems all the nursing mags are geared only for the females. How about Regestered Corpsman or Licnesed Practical Corpsman?
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