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As a recent graduate now with a BSN, I do not want to do nursing. Since my Junior year, I had a hunch this may be the case but with so much time and money invested in my education, I decided to finish my degree and from there... Read More

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    You've come this far. If nothing else, pass the NCLEX and maintain your license. Don't ever let it expire. One thing I can say is, don't let nursing school deter you from nursing. The reality of nursing is far different from the hell known as nursing school. Give real nursing a try and if you still feel the same way, then you'll know. Not knowing, in my opinion, is worse than having tried and not enjoyed.

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    Echoing the points already made, just understand that your life and experiences as a student nurse are VASTLY different from that of being an actual RN. Especially once you gain confidence and knowledge and start to become a resource for other on your floor. Work well with others and find your niche in the nursing field. Also know that every floor at every hospital is different and the beauty of this job is, especially once you have your experience, you can go just about anywhere you like. The key though is getting that first experience. Suck it up for a year and if you still think its not for you, then go elsewhere, but at least you will have that experience under your belt to open up more opportunities and in the event that the non-floor career choice you decide is not for you, you have that experience to fall back on to in order to get a job again. Don't shut the doors of opportunity yourself so early.

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