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    Quote from NurseCupcake9
    Hey all,

    Congrats on the acceptance! How is the program so far? I'm gonna do the LPN-RN track
    Well I'm thinking of applying for it for next year

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    Hey all,

    Congrats on the acceptance! How is the program so far? I'm gonna do the LPN-RN track

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    Quote from stevefl
    If you have not signed up for the EC English Comp,you may want to consider the UEXCEL test. It is a 3 credit test, but cost under $100 including the practice writing tool.
    Thank you sooooo much

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    Anyone take this exam?? Any advice on preparing for it?

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    Quote from newmail445
    im in philly in a bsn program. ill study with you
    Yaaaaaaaay!!! PM me and we'll set something up

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    Quote from YouwishiwasyourMA
    Thank you for your response. I actually just called them as well. The school told me that they will be shutting down for good znd they will not be accepting anymore future students. Is this true? And if soo do you know why they are closing down?
    I actually don't know the answer to that question! I guess they aren't making the money they wanted from the program...because the education I received was great! You spoke to Lezlie?

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    Anyone wanna be my study buddy for EC LPN-ASN program? I'm in Philadelphia, PA!!!

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    In was thinking about Drexel or Lasalle

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    I live in Philadelphia, PA. Was wondering after EC, which colleges or universities would take the sciences....since they don't have the "lab" component

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    Quote from g8sushma
    the practice exams are like gold use them too
    Will do! I'm starting studying for A&P

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    Quote from R0xyg4l

    I definitely used my LPN A&P book! Don't freak out too much about the Krebs cycle or anything too detailed. I used Lisa Arends CD, LPN A&P book and a book with a lot of detailed pictures (I like pictures! ;-)) and passed with a B.
    Thanks! I'm gonna get started today!

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    Quote from TaraGibbons
    I'll offer my help to anyone in the New Jersey/PA area. I know when I took my clinical exam, I ran into the same problem. It's really hard to find someone in North/Central New Jersey/PA area. I took Excelsior's workshop (in person), Sherri's Workshop (in person and online) and submitted my care plans to the college.

    Here's my take:

    If you are trying to save money but feel like you need a helping hand, my advice is to take Sheri Taylor's Online (here's the link:

    Rob's CPNE has great pneumonics too and it's very inexpensive. He works full time but responds to e-mails (at least when I used his program). This is for someone that doesn't need a lot of hand holding, and is especially good for visual learners.

    Absolutely submit your care plans to the college. They are the best people to get feedback from on your note taking. However with that said if you are looking to save money I don't think many if any or my friends said the documentation class was that super with the college. But I guess it's up to you what you get out of it. At the minimum I would submit my Care Plans for review (it's free!).

    and then do a "mock" the week before you test with someone. If you want someone to do the mock with you before you test I would be willing to help. I remember how stressed out I was before that test and sometimes just having someone watch you and kindly prompt you on what you are doing wrong is all you need to give you that extra nudge of confidence.

    Also, there is "free" help out there from "Let's Conquer the CPNE Beast" on facebook. Great groups of future and present nurses that will understand your stress more than anyone else. Great place to get advice, encouragement, tips or just vent.

    All the best of luck to you! You can do it!

    Really, you CAN do this!
    I PMed you lol

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    I'm a LPN grad from NewCourtland's School of Practical Nursing (Philly) after graduating in July 2012 and licensing in August, I found a job in September that pays awesome in a sub acute/snf....sure it's stressful but it pays very well. I hang IVs and do extensive wound care in addition to electronic charting and med passes. I'll admit I was very diligent in following up and applying for jobs. But it paid off. It's a shortage in employment everywhere..not just for LPNs

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    Quote from CLUVLPN

    Yes I used study group 101 as my only source to prepare for my nursing exams. From beginning prereqs to becoming FCCA eligible took 5 months. Hope to be finished with the FCCA by the end of this coming week. Then it's on to conquer the CPNE. However, take everything at your own pace. Make this RN journey your own. Good luck!
    Did you use the studygroup 101 for the pre reqs too...? Because I'm honestly about to just use my A&P book from my LPN program lol. (Don't judge me). And perhaps by the study guides for the pre reqs.

    And I commend you on your focus. You are trully an inspiration. Lol I want to be an RN by the end of summer 2014. I guess with all the time I have I should be able to knock it real distractions😁