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  • Jan 12

    Quote from scw
    hello, i aam doing my exams at the moment, i need to know why nurses and midwives need to understand basic biochemistry effects within the body... please help
    I liked BioChem the best. I thought it was easy. A lot of review from Nutrition and Microbiology

  • Dec 17 '17

    Not much different than some one in nursing school saying they are going to be a nurse (even though they do not know if they will pass school or their boards).

  • Jul 27 '17

    I became and L&D Nurse right out of school. You have to do more than just graduate to get an L&D position right out of nursing school: I graduated with honors, sigma theta tau; while in school I got myself known around the birthing community by becoming a certified labor doula; I also attended an ADDITIONAL nursing program through a separate university, taking two semesters of nursing preceptorship in a local hospital in the L&D department that I currently work at; I got NRP certified before graduation; when hired I was working on a grant for doulas, so that low income moms could have a doula at their birth that was paid for by the grant; I attended a Beginning Midwifery course outside of my college that I got created as a college course and got college units for...

    I did a lot more than the average nursing student, but I also got myself out there and known with the local birthing community. My first L&D job was at a different hospital than I am now. I was only there for five months before they had to do cut backs (and I was the last one hired so the first to go) but my old manager called my current manager and mentioned she had a new nurse that she was going to have to let go; my current manager asked "Is it Heartsopenwide? Because if its her I want to hire her!"

    Some people say "its not what you know, but who you know" for me it was both, I covered my bases.

  • May 3 '17

    I will let you know when I find out. It finally feels like it is getting better, but every once in awhile I find myself feeling like a total idiot; but is it is better than when I started last year. I am hoping another year will be just right.