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  • Oct 18 '16

    Ignore the comments about the LVN not using gloves. Can an LVN train an RN, legally, despite the fact that the LVN may have years of experience? Some of you are saying this is ok. I do not know the answer for sure, it would be nice to see it in a actual document. But, considering that the RN delegates to the LVN, it would seem that other than asking questions or guidance about basic skills that the RN and LVN share, and LVN should not be precepting an RN...this is an LVN training a new grad RN, not an LVN orienting a seasoned RN to a new unit.

  • Sep 20 '16

    Quote from CHATSDALE
    one foot after the other..most nurses say they have to be working 6 months to a year before they began to really have confidence in their own judgement
    ask questions, observe
    Maybe part of the problem is that I admit that I lack confidence, but everyone in my class has never admitted to it (except for my one friend who is practically a genius so I was really surprised that she said she gets worried around patients even though she Aces all her exams, and has experience). My class is full of a lot of younger students that all brag that they Ace their exams and never study...and of course are full of confidence; like they are trying to show each other up...the competition does not end once in nursing helps to know I am not some freak, but that other people stress and have to work on their confidence as well; so thanks for your reply, makes me feel better.

  • Sep 14 '16

    Dear experienced nurses,
    please help!

    I know time management skills, lack there of, is really killing me as a new grad. I know my stuff, but my time management skills are starting to make me look bad! I know some of it is that I am not the most organized person in the world, not the worst because I am fairly anal, but learning how to be a nurse makes me feel like a "dysfunction Type A"; I am having a hard time getting my grove down.

    I have read several threads on there with new grads struggling as being new grads and many mention time management skills. Most responses are "it will come with time". Can any of you experienced nurses give us actual tips, tricks of the trade, things you do to manage your time?

  • Sep 1 '16

    Quote from Don3218
    Nursing school is supposed to be hard. If it wasn't, everyone would be doing it.
    Some one else told me this and I think it is so not true. Not every one is empathetic or has the desire to do so. Although nursing may be popular now, I think a lot of these people are going to find out that it is not for them and there is nothing more awful working at a job you do not like not matter how good it pays.

  • Jul 15 '16

    I guess they did not make you take a spelling class... sorry I couldn't resist...if you are going to sell yourself; sale yourself, but don't shoot yourself in the foot in the process.

  • Jul 15 '16

    Quote from cajun-junkie
    apparently you didn't read my post, i did go to a 4 year nursing school! i left, i did the psychology, microbiology, and chemistry and passed each class with nothing less than a b. i just didn't think a speech giving class, orientation, and a few others were needed to be a nurse. so i'm going at it bass akwards! i even studied for my nclex. so dont tell me, i dont know what im talking about. i do. i chose to study this profession because i want to help people, not to say im better than someone else, because i rank higher.
    i am in a bsn program an we have to give 20 min presentations this semester. i would not want to attempt that without a speech class. and regardless whether or not i ever give an official speech when i become a nurse does not matter because to pass my nursing classes which will give me permission to take the nclex i have to give speeches and presentations, many of them. you can study the nclex until the cows come home, but without the proper nursing classes thye are not going to let you in the door to take the test. with an additude like, "i did not think taking such and such class were needed to be a nurse..." just further proves you don"t know what you are talking about. in my school any one can take micro, chem, and psyh; they are pre-requs' just like speech, they are not nursing classes. you have to apply for those; and get accepted, and if you did not take the speech class because you thought it was unnecessary, i am sure they did not accept you without completed pre-requs

  • Jun 9 '16

    Work flow? It's "Ebb and Flow" you have to be able to go from zero to sixty in no time flat. When your busting at the seams and another labor walks in the door, there is no transferring them to another hospital.

    I like how one nurse put it: in L&D you are caring for two patients, one of which you can't even see!

  • Jun 7 '16

    well, my college is pritty much telling me to start back at square one and choose a different major..... they said that if I can't pass the first milestone without accomodations then I certainly can't finish the program or get liscensed by the state because they won't make any accomodations for the NCLEX. all of this when I have a higher GPA than a majority of the 'regular' students that pass the TEAS.
    I was too ashamed to admit that I might have a learning disability as well. Not until the semester before I transferred to the University did I final buck up and get tested. They found I had leaning disabilities in 'math calculations' and 'working memory' which impeded my performance when put under time pressures. Once it was discovered that I had a learning disability I was granted time and a half and a private room for testing. I wish I did this at the beginning of my college career. I got into nursing and continued to use my "testing accommodations" that were granted to me as a learning disabled student. I ended up graduating with honors and was accepted into Sigma Theta Tau. Since I was protected under the state I also got extended time and a private room for the NCLEX (because it is law and I am protected under the disability act) which I passed the first time. Having a learning disability does not make you dumb, as I have proven; and your GPA proves as well...we just learn a different way than other people and have to have adjustments made so that we can reach our full potential. Don't be ashamed, get tested, earn your accommodations and perform at your best; you won't ever regret it. I never did.

  • May 16 '16

    California has it's ratios on that: Couples 1:4; post-part women only 1:6; NICU 1:2; Labor: 1:2; Antepartum 1:4. The baby exists and is a patient, how can your hospital not include it in the census?

  • May 4 '16

    This sounds like BS to me. Its not like you have orange hair and can dye it back, or a piercing you can take out. Maybe because I am in California and live in an area where people are pretty liberal (went to nursing school with a nose ring and Monroe piercing and was never asked to take it out, went to school with several people that had visible tattoos and they were never asked to cover them up; work with a girl who has piercings ALL over and our employer has never asked her to take them out). I am guess that you live in a conservative area and they think tattoos are offensive. Maybe you should tell your teacher the way she dresses offends you and she would be required to change her clothes or go on probation. Your tattoos are not going to make a difference of what kind of nurse you are going to be; I would do what ever it takes to get your money back and go apply to another school without such ludicrous rules.