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Common Problems With Breastfeeding

"So often in nursing school we have to write these papers that often come out sounding like an astute textbook. Confusing facts to the lay person, big words, medical terminology, etc. I wrote this directed to the patient because I think it is good practice to help remember how to talk in layman's terms." If done properly, breastfeeding is anything but painful; it should be euphoric. A proper position and latch is key for happy breastfeeding. Most of the common problems associated with... Read More →

Taking the person but leaving the body behind

My grandfather was a brilliant man. Many children may say that they want to be a firefighter or an astronaut when they grow up, but not very many of them live up to their young statements. My grandfather however, at the age of five, knew he wanted to be a Veterinarian when he grew up. And so he did. In fact, my grandfather skipped two years of school and graduated high school at the age of sixteen. He went straight on to veterinarian medical school and graduated at such a young age that it... Read More →

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