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  • May 21 '13

    LisaLPN7, you made me laugh out loud. Soooo true!! I know I would have quit school nursing a long time ago if I were assigned to middle school or high school; 4th graders are starting to "push it!"

  • May 21 '13

    Vent away!! I am absolutely feeling the "end of the school year mania". I need summer to come ASAP...

    I'd also like to add to the list: If a child is passing gas and stinking up your classroom, there isn't much I can do. I'll ask if they'd like to use my bathroom, but otherwise, it's just biology! Imagine a third grade boy coming into my office with a huge grin on his face, saying: "I can't stop farting!". And, yes, the teacher actually sent him to me to "cure". I asked her if she happened to have a cork.

  • May 21 '13

    OK, teachers. I would like to clarify a few things for you.
    #1. I cannot cure hiccups. Why are you sending the student to me? Ditto for a cut that happened a week ago at home, a sunburn from a we
    ekend at the beach, or numerous other minor complaints. I know you don't want hear whining, but neither do I. THERE'S NOTHING I CAN DO!
    #2. I cannot make the children germ-proof, so you won't get sick. Don't work in an elementary school if you're concerned about getting sick. You're in the wrong place. I'm sorry, but it is a hazard of our job!
    #3. See #2
    #4. I do not sit around on my butt eating bonbons all day. I know you're tired of them. I'm tired too. Everyone is tired and grouchy and school needs to end. All of our jobs are hard. But please don't send them down to me for every-little-bitty-thing. You have 20 kids. I have 60 kids/day. Really.
    #5. See #2
    #6. No, I can't tell the parents to keep the kids home if they don't have a temperature. If the parent feels the child is fine and they don't have any symptoms, they need to be in school. We get in trouble for that. It's called denying the child their education.
    #7. Yes, I know the majority of parents think we are baby-sitters. I cannot change that. I cannot tell parents how to raise their child, or teach them common sense on when to keep them home. Some will never get it, and some don't want to get it. See #2.
    #8. I'm thrilled that you're pregnant. But I still can't germ proof the kids - all 900 of them. Kids have germs, and you mostly likely will end up getting sick at some point. See #2 and #6. Just try and wash your hands a lot, and don't let little ones get too close.
    #9. Loose teeth hurt. Yes, they do. I cannot pull the tooth our nor make it better. Ice won't help it. I can give TLC, but so can you!
    #10. Yes, children can vomit quite easily. Especially after lunch. Sometimes on command to get out of class - really! Please try and trust my judgment, OK? I'm following the school policy; you may not agree with it but I have to abide by it.
    #11. I'm not just here to rubber stamp someone you want sent home!
    #12. All of the above doesn't apply to the little kids - pre-K and K. If they don't feel good, I automatically call Mom to come pick them up. I'm not heartless. Really..

    Thank you for listening! I feel better now...........(sigh)

    11 days and counting.............

  • May 21 '13

    Then we have the RN mom, me who has kept her kids out but has run out of parent notes. I am not taking them to the doctor for every stomach virus, or URI they have that I am capable of handling as a nurse truant charges might happen if I try to keep them home without a waste trip to the doctor for a freakin virus. Screw it, next year they might do home school online since my parental judgement means **** to the school system.

  • May 21 '13

    May I add to that list:
    There is nothing I can do for seasonal allergies...i know the kids are congested and coughing, I know their throats are a bit sore and their eyes are red from the pollen count. I smile sympathetically, advise them to drink more water, ask if they take anything for allergies and send them on their way. I cannot administer any Zyrtec, and I'm not sending them home for the sniffles. How annoyed would you be if your kid's school nurse called you away from work to pick up your own child for the same symptoms?

  • May 21 '13

    One more...."I don't send a note telling you to work on math with this kid - you don't send me a note telling me to give the kid an ice-pack."

  • May 16 '13

    I thought a little more, the only thing we get is tornadoes and blizzards in the midwest. Then they call a "code grey" meaning you are forced to stay at the hospital. They have never called a Code grey on a blizzard and i don't think they ever will, because you driving in it is a judgment call. We are all so used to driving in snow, that hardly anyone calls in due to snow (maybe 1-2 total). As for torandoes, yes i will stay because i shouldn't be on the road. And it is so short lived, maybe a few minutes. But a hurricane lasts for DAYS. I will agree to being forced to stay until a tornadoe is over, but being forced to stay until a hurricane is over?? Not happening, i'd quit my job before doing that.

  • May 6 '13

    Quote from LPNangieedoll
    What type of facility do you work in? Are you content with just being a LPN?
    There is something really wrong with that last sentence. Especially since you have admitted in another post that you are an MA and have just been accepted into a PN programme. Weren't you happy "with being just an MA"?

    Nobody is "just" anything.

  • May 1 '13

    Only someone who isn't a school nurse would say that. I don't agree. After all, I think trying to make sure no one dies on our watch is pretty stressful. We have to have excellent assessment skills to know if a student needs to go back to class, go home, to the dr or to the ER. Too many wrong calls and we can lose our job, or worse, our license to practice. I never said it was easy being a teacher. I just don't think feeling stressed is an excuse to treat another professional that way. This is exactly the perception I'm talking about- you must be a teacher.

  • Apr 25 '13

    I have been an LVN for 28 years there is not much in nursing that I have not done. I think the older a nurse/RN is the more they respect the role of the LVN/LPN. The younger nurses/RN some times don't have a clue when it comes to clinical skills. I still remember the RN that could not take an E cylinder a regulator and canula and make them work. Then there was the RN that Thought the oxygen cylinder was empty did not know you had to open the valve. Lets see I remember the BSN weekend supervisor whose calculator went dead and could not calculate a drip rate for an IV the old fashioned way on paper with the times tables and long division. I remember the Diploma Graduate RN that taught our LVN class always said "The LVN knows the how the RN knows the why." I have worked Long Term Care for 28 years now and am proud of my status as an LVN and have no desire what so ever to be a RN.

  • Jan 14 '13

    c/o being sick, check temp, fever=send home
    vomiting (in your office/class) send home. I never believe the old "I just threw up in the bathroom"
    possible broken ankle arm wrist= call parent for pick to get checked
    severe emergency= 911
    menses= rest x 15 min and return to class, I don't leave work for my period, you don't leave school
    sore throat=check temp, cough drop (with permission form parent) back to class. Nopermiss for cough drop..cup of water
    bad stomach ache= use my bathroom, check temp=return to class
    injury over the weekend and you need ice=I dont give it with out a doctors order. I know "it's only ice", but if the knucklehad keep the icepack on too long and burns his own skin=yup, I'm responsible
    headache= check temp, rest x 15 min..inquire why they didnt come in during THEIR lunch hour and how many tests do they have scheduled rest of afternoon?
    Stomachache begiining of school=why didnt you eat bkfst? oh you didnt have time..well, I have three kids to get ready, bkfst and lunches to do and I ate bkfst. heres two crackers go back to class
    You want to be excused from gym why?? no note from parents, no excuse. (some kids just hate to sweat)
    Diabetics= follow the orders
    Epi allergies= follow the orders

  • Jan 10 '13

    Quote from LisaLPN7
    I'm outside of Nashville, TN. While looking around on our county's school website today, I found an ad for a part-time school LPN (5 hrs a day), offering a whopping $11.22 an hour. Teacher assistants here get $9.32 per hour, and school secretaries get $12.00.
    Nice to know where we stand in the food chain!

  • Jan 10 '13

    How is my attitude unprofessional?The grumpy family member was standing next to the person on the other end of the radio and knew I was going to other room first.

    I don't have a right to be angry with someone who maliciously lied in an attempt to deface me?

  • Dec 31 '12

    Me to Pt: Anything else I can get for you before I leave
    Pt gf who is not sick at all: I need a sprite
    Me: Vending machines are in the hall

    The look on her face was like I killed her puppy. If you are not the pt, you rarely get anything from me. The cafeteria is open til midnight and the vending machine is 24/7

  • Dec 30 '12

    Am I the only one who is now wondering what "other crazy things" this nurse has done? Did she give grandma a sip of water at the wrong temperature? Did she give pills 20 minutes past their scheduled time? Honestly, my thoughts reading the OP were, "Oh, you're one of those family members."