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  • Dec 22 '16

    As a 33 year old adult going back to school I am terrified . I have always struggled. I have never been a very good student. But I keep my hopes up and my head high. Yes the LVN program will be very difficult for me but its not impossible. I have to get it this time. I have a previous Bachelor's Degree but its in Women's Studies so its practically useless!! I am a previous CNA and enjoy my work very much. In CNA class I did very well. I scored well on the exam and the practical at the skilled nursing facility. But this is going to be one year of academic discipline for me! I know I have read on this forum to go and get the RN but I want to achieve the LVN first. One step at a time for me. San Jacinto looks at me with a frown as my GPA is average and not the best, the counselors were telling me to reconsider. But I really want to be a nurse! So I have to go and get it! I have already ordered myself a HESI book that I constantly look over with studying, flash cards and noted from class. The people on this site have been very helpful. I count on this forum for support and motivation. My family thinks this will be a another waste degree I want to prove them wrong!