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Will Be Attending Fortis College in South Houston Any one else?

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Hi I just got accepted into the Fortis College LVN nursing program. Yest the program is a little pricey but the classrooms are small. And I liked that. And people that are complaining about their pass ratings. Its has changed. They are fully accredited and their nursing pass rate is at 100%.

Here is the current link with current rating that cover just last year.


From last year, there were 17 nursing graduates and they had a 100% placement rate. That means everyone who graduated and passed the licensing exam also got a job. The graduation rate itself was 62%. That means that 38% of students did not graduate for some reason or another...don't be one of those people :). Their stats are actually comparable to San Jac except San Jac has a slightly higher graduation rate of 74% and a placement rate of 97%.

Every Nursing Program is going to be Intense. I don't think there is any easy route. I decided I want to be a Nurse...now I am ready to get slammed.

I am relaxing for the time...as when April rolls around ...time will fly! I just didn't want to be put on a waiting list. Yes the college is predominantly a Nigerian community..but I could care less. I want my LVN..that's all. These credits do not transfer..but for me its a start...

I would love to here from you if you are attending. Thanks

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just so you know, i just graduated from there in december. the pass rate is not 100 percent. in fact, only 8 people of the 30 people i started with passed at all. i passed my nclex, but that was because i taught myself out of the books. i had a terrible and very disorganized experience. i just looked for the best, which is that i got my license. good luck

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