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  • Sep 9 '12

    I review the chapter before class. Not so much read it but I like to know what we are going to be going over that day. I print out the powerpoints.

    During lecture I take out my book and power points. While the instructor is lecturing I focus mostly on what she is saying. IF she repeats something, says a page number, or says "this is importnant" I write that down on my power points. Then I use a post it and tag that page,chart, or area and note that it is improtant, in my book.

    I go home break out my book, powerpoints, and read the entire chapter. My next step is to then start back over and make "mind maps" on specific topics. For example COPD I would in the center of the paper write what it is and and the book defintion. Then I have an area for etiology, s/s, nursing intervetnions, labs (if applicatble), whatever I find interresting. I use these mind maps when it is time to study. I do not break the book out again prior to the test unless I want to varify something. (I tend to answer objective questions in setting up my mind map)

    I also answer end of chapter questions, study guide, and break out my NCLEX book to answer some NCLEX style questions. I did this over the summer and ended up making A's and high B's on all my tests with an overall A in both NS classes.

    It seems like a ton of work but it is not really. I break it up over days. I think over allI study for 20-30 hrs a week.