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What does it take


So I just took my fourth exam and on monday we will be having our final. I got a 90 on this last exam and i will work just as hard for the final but i want to know what it takes to get through nursing school with out repeating any courses. I was told that nursing II in our school is like impossible. We were told to day that the questions change drastically and we will need to learn how to better dissect the questions. I have a long term relationship thankyfully no children yet, but how do you get through it all passing and giving time to our loved one.

Sadala, ADN, RN

Specializes in Med Surg. Has 7 years experience.

The truth is that right now the only things I do are attend school, study, complete projects, work, sleep, and eat (when I remember). The only people I see are instructors, other students, coworkers, clinical staff, and patients. My bf lives a thousand miles away and is in the middle of an equally (or perhaps even more) difficult program of study. It's helpful, in its way, because I'm afraid I'd have very little time for him if he was here right now. We actually schedule our phone calls because otherwise, we'd never connect.

My son is in college in another state, and of course I'm always there for him. But he's got a pretty full schedule as well and we don't talk as much as I'd like.

I probably spend the most time with other students right now because all of my focus is needed for this program.

I have a daughter that just turned one. In my first semester, I was fortunate enough that my Mother would watch her when I was at school and when my fiance couldn't, so no daycare. When I didn't have anyone to watch her, I would stay up with her and play, and then study on her naps and when she went to sleep ( I usually stayed up until 1am finishing up what I needed to get done). I found that this is what worked best. Any chance I got I would go home to see my baby and fiance, no going out with classmates and no study groups except for the rare occasion. However, my relationship with my fiance has changed because of shcool, he knows that I have to put school before him and can spend time with him when I have a break. Its not easy, but we make it work. Now that I am on break, our relationship is back to normal and things are great, you just have to let your other half know that is not forever, and once its over things will be way better than before. Always remember that you just have to hang in there, its only a short time, and it sure does fly fast!!~;)