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Prepping for NCLEX - Don't let your anxiety kill you!

by RNsRWe - I swear if I read one more "I'm freaking out" post, I may indeed explode myself. People, you can DO this. The NCLEX (RN or PN) is a minimum-competency exam. It is an important exam, absolutely...

NCLEX question? READ THIS!

by RNsRWe - Hi, Newbies, and Welcome to AN! Since the forum is clogging up with a bazillion threads all asking the same questions, maybe we can streamline this. If your question is here....Yay! If...

Random Valuable NCLEX Facts :)

by RNsRWe - Here's a Not-So-Quick List (but a pretty thorough one!) of miscellaneous questions that get posted FREQUENTLY: * If you needed to answer only the minimum number of questions (75 for RN, 85 for PN)...