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Random Valuable NCLEX Facts :)

Here's a Not-So-Quick List (but a pretty thorough one!) of miscellaneous questions that get posted FREQUENTLY: * If you needed to answer only the minimum number of questions (75 for RN, 85 for PN) you either did very well and could demonstrate in a minimum amount of questioning that you were competent to begin nursing practice....OR.....you did very poorly and the computer knew that no matter how many questions it threw your way, there was no possibility of you passing that day. * Other... Read More →

NCLEX question? READ THIS!

Hi, Newbies, and Welcome to AN! Since the forum is clogging up with a bazillion threads all asking the same questions, maybe we can streamline this. If your question is here....Yay! If not....post away Don't freak out. The PVT is reasonably reliable, but NOT 100% accurate. Feel free to celebrate or despair, but nothing is concrete until you get your official results. Please don't ask "IS THIS THE GOOD POPUP??" and then post the same phrases that are already posted at least a... Read More →