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    'just curious. As a minority, have you felt that maybe being a minority somehow enhanced you getting accepted into Nursing school or somehow maybe received a boost when in school?

    Gals: Have you ever observed any specific instance or generally felt that men receive a boost in Nursing because of their minority status? Again, just curious.

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    Quote from applewhitern
    We have a lot of doctors who are from countries other than the United States. We have noticed that some of them treat the female nurses like "third class citizens." Most "fit in" and do not discriminate, but we have a few that are very arrogant and talk down to the nursing staff, especially the female nurses. One in particular gets upset and demands "the nurse be fired," over very trivial things that the nurse really has no control over. No one has actually been fired because of this, yet, because administration sees this behavoir and realizes it is unfair. I understand in their native country that females are "third class citizens," and nurses may be treated badly, but you would think if they come here to practise, they would know we have equal rights in the US!
    You also see that sort of thing in other professions where foreign men are employed in a professional capacity. To example, years ago my wife, who is an IT professional, was working on a project that had several Russian contract programmers as part of the team. Early on, one of the Russians brought her a box of unformatted floppy disks for her to spend a half hour to format & ready for use. That is at best secretary work and most pros just formatted their own discs, as the need to do so was never ending if you were actively programming.

    My wife told the Russian where to stick those floppy discs for a bodily attempt at formatting them. She hated working with certain foreign cultures, as such run-ins would repeat, teaching the imbecile that things are done differently in America concerning the relative status of women to men.

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    Quote from CountyRat
    "Why did you become a male nurse?"
    Well, I tried out for the female nurse slot but I didn't pass the physical.

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    Sounds like a good use of public assistance! Actually help you get back onto your feet, instead of just supporting you.

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    Just curious. It was told to us yesterday during orientation that 112 RN student candidates were selected out of 1235 applications to nursing school. That is over a 90 percent rejection rate! Is it that comparable to get into other nursing schools?

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    What did ya get? My school calls for a Sprague 122, which costs around $15. I got a Littman Master Classic SE, with my name on it (theft protection) for $107 delivered from Steeles. It is way more scope than I can take advantage of at this point in time, but that was the point in getting it. I can grow and develop my skills without it becoming a limiting item.

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    Yup. I distinctly recall a couple of problems that involved selecting the correctly balanced equation.

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    They will eventually discover a related ailment in the pubis area and name it "camel toe syndrome" or something....

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    Quote from chorkle

    ...that I would have to take Chemisty again because, he said, they had probably discovered a few heavier-than-air elements since I took Chemistry the first time.
    Hii Chorkle, I actually giggled seeing this 'advice!" Whatever some exotic thing that some scientist has cooked up in a particle accelerator or nuclear reactor over the past 30 years is not going to make a world of difference to nursing. Such exotic elements lasts milliseconds (or less)

    Back to whether or not you should feel that you should take a refresher in chemistry (I did for human biology, prior to taking A&P I), it come down to how much do you remember/retain? You really do not need to have a heavy duty knowledge of chemistry to get through A&P & micro. You do need to know about ions and how chemical reactions balance and the basics of organic chemistry... very basic stuff.

    With that, A&P will tie these things together, like how carbs digest into sugars or proteins into amino acids, etc.

    - my experience anyway.

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    Hudson Valley Community College, 1st Semester!

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    Quote from nickster10
    Hi there I am entering my 3rd semester there and the scrubs are white tips and Forrest green pants. The uniform is available at Sharon's uniform in Clifton park.
    Thanks! I'll check them out.

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    I feel for you. My situation is similar. I just got the acceptance letter yesterday (was verbally informed a couple days before that). No info as to supplies needed given at all. 'have to learn that from my advisor & given a phone number to set up an appt. Nothing on texts & suggest references either.

    Oh well... I will stay on it and get all of the unknowns worked out before the end of the month. Have similar confidence in your ability to resolve it before things start. As you experience life over the years, you will realize that few worthwhile things, like getting your nursing degree, ever come about smoothly. You will work though it. Don't stress.

    Good Luck!

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    Hi all,

    It is seen that there are several styles and colors of scrubs available. For you experienced students and nurses, are there any little features that you like to see in your scrubs? I dunno, say real belt loops instead of a drawstring... or some similar thing.

    I got my acceptance letter late (yesterday) and it does not have any info on this matter as to the style & color my college (HVCC in Troy, NY) prefers. 'guess, I will have to wait until the counseling session that I have to schedule the first thing Monday to learn those particulars.

    Like anything else, I am sure there are differences in quality & desirable/not so desirable feature in scrubs. What are the experienced community thoughts on matters such as scubs? I am sure some annoying feature can lead to a seemingly longer day than it actually was.

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    Similar to KLBatchelor's intro, I have been a member here for several days and have just found this thread! I start at the end of the month for my RN. About me, I live in upstate NY and am a career changer. I am a 50 year old male who has had a successful 27 year employ as an engineer. Work started to get erratic during 2010 with the downturn in the economy & that rippled into the public sector (cities, counties, states, etc) having budget crises of their own. As I am bound to the area I live in with investment properties that I own & self maintain (getting rid of those properties & moving away would lead to a huge financial loss). As I had more time on my hands with a slow work climate, it was reflected that now is maybe the time to switch to "Career B." "Career B would be in healthcare. Since being a teenager, I have always intended to have two careers. Starting as an engineer as it is much harder to get into the profession & colleges if you have been out of school for a while. It was also realized that in regard to my current personal situation(s) in life, now is the best time to make this monumental switch, if I am ever going to do it. So here I am, class starts at the end of the month!

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    A 50 year old career changer here. I'm switching out of engineering after a successful 27 year stint in it to pursue healthcare, namely nursing. This is something that I have always intended to do, as you only live once & I want as diverse an experience possible. Last spring my son enlisted, leaving my wife and I empty nesters. I took a look around and realized that this was the time to do it. Could afford to take the income hit of going to school & not much working a job, kids out of college & the house altogether, plus, at 50 I still get a good 15 years or more in doing this. The timing of everything was that, if I am was going to switch careers, it would never be better than now to do so. So, here I am! Nursing I & related classes starts at the end of the month.

    I really do enjoy the surprised reactions received from some when they ask me what I am switching from to nursing. Some are mildly shocked that I am switching from engineering to nursing??????? One time two nuclear engineering students I was co-teacher in a class to actually startled, as in that little jump we make with genuinely surprised, when told this. He He He.