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  • Sep 25 '15

    I also got my rejection email today. But its alright. Life goes on.
    I kinda gave up hope when I found out my nursing program type was in the 2nd funding preference group.
    Congrats to those of you who are NurseCorps scholars and for those who didn't get it, I'm sure your applications were awesome!

  • Aug 19 '15

    They will backpay you for any covered costs, even if it is on a loan, back to July 1st (prorated for the summer term if it started before July 1st). I was told that once it is switched from "In Final Review" to "Participant," it will be 60 days until they disburse the funds. So, I'm planning on continuing on with the loans as they pay back the covered costs, but NOT the interest that has accrued.

    Also, for everyone worrying about the credit check, I was offered the finalist spot and I have yet to be credit checked. Makes me a little nervous, but perhaps they use credit as a final determination? I don't know, totally speculating there as I did not inquire over the phone.

    It looks like if you are offered the finalist spot, and then all of your paperwork is submitted in the timeframe, and it all checks out after they look back through everything (that you crossed all your t's and dotted all your i's), the secretary will sign it by the end of September and then funds are disbursed 60 days later. I was "advised" by HRSA that once finalists submit their documents, it usually takes between 1 and 3 weeks for it to be reviewed, signed, and our status to change on the website! At that time, count down your 60 day's for all your monies, including back payments for stipends, tuition, ORC, books, fees, etc.

    Also, when looking through the previous years posts on all nurses, people were being offered scholarships up to the end of September AND BEYOND sometimes. They just keep moving down the list one name at a time as money is available. Schools certify specific amounts for what we will receive, which then can free up the allocated funds for additional scholarships! DON'T become despondent! Don't give up! Don't drop out! You might have to deal with loans for this first two months of school, but you might still get funded! Plus, then you'll already be on your way to becoming a nurse!! Imagine how devastated you would be if you got offered the money a day after the school processed your drop papers!

    Feel free to message me if you want specific details too!
    Best of luck.

  • Aug 16 '15

    Still no credit check and no email yet. Keeping my faith in God for only He knows how much this scholarship means too me.

  • Aug 6 '15

    Quote from tellio015
    Congrats!! I'm trying not to panic. All the loans I've applied for keeps getting turned down. If it's not one reason it's another. My only hope is this scholarship. It would be a blessing!
    I prayed for you. Don't lose hope, God always arrives right on time. You will get the money for school. Keep believing.

  • Aug 6 '15

    Congrats to all!

    I am still check on 7/29 which resulted in a bit of a dive for my score ugh.

    Would be really awesome if it worked out. This is my second time applying first time was for 3 years BSN to NP, now just for the completion of the NP.

    EFC 0 and GPA 4.0 for my BSN and also MSN courses I've had so far, undergrad Bio with 3.77. Chem/Bio/Anatomy tutor, externship, lab and field research, worked with children with disabilities in the past, in the international Nursing Honor Society: Sigma Theta Tau, and a national NP society (as a student member).

    I am in the mindset this particular scholarship isn't meant to be for me though, and looking for some other avenues to pursue (hello loan repayment program next year?). To those still waiting like me, I know it can be hard not get discouraged, but remember there are other scholarships/programs out there too. Where there is a will there is a way!

  • Aug 4 '15

    Thank you i am so excited. I am praying for you all to receive the email as well. I have to respond by 8/11/15.

  • Jul 30 '15

    It's just super competitive though. Miltown had a great GPA, Efc Of 0, and was still rejected. It's overwhelming. Thankfully we've all been accepted to a nursing program therefore we can be extraordinary caregivers to those in need.

  • Jul 30 '15

    I agree that we should be realistic in our expectations for this award. It is a very competitive scholarship... We are all competing against brilliant, involved and experienced future nurses.

    I posted a link to the review criteria for the scholarship- it is very extensive. Although the scholarship is need-based, EFC is not part of the criteria. GPA is 10 points out of 100. Essays and demonstrated experience in serving underserved communities are a total of 70 points.

    After applicants are scored, they are ranked. The highest ranked are offered the scholarship first.

    The credit check is simply a final review. I spoke to a representative today and she told me that they look for defaults in federal loans, bankruptcies, and bad patterns in credit management. She told me that they look for "responsible, good people" who are capable of understanding and managing their service commitment.

    She also told me that they're sending notifications everyday. Applicants are given just a few days to accept the award before it is offered to someone else.

    The purpose of this scholarship is not to provide a hand up to nursing students, but to provide and incentive for the most capable future nurses to serve/help the neediest patients.

    I like to believe that nurses and nurse students are giving people. I pray that we all expressed our passion for serving others in our application. Nurse Corps is looking for the future nurses who demonstrate the strongest desire and promise in serving patients from underserved communities.

  • Oct 5 '14

    You are absolutely right about not getting sick! I became a germ freak because I was so concerned about catching something. Not only could I not afford to miss a class, but I couldn't afford to miss time from studying. Which brings me to two important points:

    1. Record your lectures. If nothing else, you can listen to them in the car. I listened to them while cleaning my house, grocery shopping, driving, and just to hear the teacher explain something again. Very handy when you fail to take good notes in class because you were so exhausted from doing nursing care plans all night.

    2. Study or work on nursing every day. Some people take the weekend off, or an entire day. I tried this a couple of times and paid dearly for it. I ended up being even more stressed because I realized that I might not be pulling an all nighter if I had worked two hours on a paper instead of doing nothing. I know many will disagree, and I understand some need the mental break, but it never worked for me.

    You can have a life outside of nursing, but it will be very different from what you had before nursing school. I have children and do all of the child care and house work. I managed to juggle everything and have the highest grade in my entire graduating class. But I never consumed alcohol while I was in nursing school. I also completely quit watching tv and movies and playing games on the internet or facebook. My facebook friends figured I quit FB too just because I didn't have time to get on that either.

    If you are a nontraditional student, or have to juggle more than just a student role, then you need to be extremely organized. Nursing school is hard enough and requires a lot organization, but add a couple of kids... everything gets planned (dinners, laundry, grocery shopping trips, help with homework, etc).

    Do NOT read everything! <GASP!> I know I am going to get slammed for this. I'm sorry, but there's just too much info. There's no way you can read everything and do everything and study everything. You need to learn what you have to read, what you can skim, and what you can skip all together. My first day of nursing school I was assigned 250 pages for one nursing class and 100 pages in another nursing class. Some nursing classes assign around 200 pages per class. I had a class that required 5 giant texts. Seriously, it's too much. I asked a trusted nursing professor if this was normal. She said yes, and it gets worse. She said the instructors know you can't read everything and to read the chapter summaries and IF you have time then skim the chapter. I say take your class time very seriously and absorb as much as you can. Read what is emphasized in class (especially the tables!) and anything that you don't understand.

    Turn in everything on time! Do not submit things late, and do NOT ask for extensions. Teachers hate that (and yes they will remember that you didn't turn your work in on time because you were "sick") and your classmates will be irritated that you didn't have to turn in your work by the deadline that was posted in the syllabus and they busted their rear to complete it on time. We all know that "things happen." But here's the news flash: "Things" happen to everyone. We all have to learn how to handle things, get over things, deal with things, and still complete everything to the best of our ability.

    Learn how you learn, and realize sometimes you need to try new things. I learn best by writing, so I am one of the few students that still pulls out a notebook and pen during class, not an iPad. I will also listen to my lectures and watch videos to understand things better. I never used flash cards, they never worked for me. Until I had to start learning a million drugs and drug related facts. Writing everything out no longer worked, so I had to try a new game plan. Flash cards were a huge help. And for anyone wondering about which ones to buy, the best ones are in a package of 100 and are about $1 at Walmart. Make them yourself. It will tremendously benefit you to make them yourself and you will remember more this way.

    Practice, practice, practice. Practice assessing family members, friends, classmates. Utilize the nursing lab during practice times. Reading the steps and thinking about how to do something is not enough.

    Get to know your teachers. Most really do care about your education and want you to succeed. Never be afraid to see them during office hours to ask for clarification, review a test, or just ask for suggestions on how to study something. They can be very helpful through out your nursing education.

    I hope this helps someone out there!

  • Jul 3 '14

    I am an August start this year. I worked very hard, had to spread out my classes due to life and ranked 4th. Everyone is different. I worked full time, 12 to 14 hour days, plus have a family to take care, a house to clean, laundry, errands, pets and extended family relying on me, too. I could only take 1 or 2 classes at a time because they don't offer classes at 2:00 in the morning! There are not many evening or Saturday classes. If you have to take one of the harder classes like anatomy and physiology, by itself, it does not mean you won't make it in nursing school. It does mean, however, that if you can get an "A", it will give you a better chance to get into the program! Plus, in my opinion, it is a waste of time and money to do poorly in a class because you are trying to cram it in, and then have to retake it for a better grade. You are better off not taking it and waiting! This way, your grade won't be effected either! Take advice you read with a grain of salt. Everyone is entitled to their opinions and what worked for them may not work for you. Know yourself and your limits and speak to your academic advisor for appropriate counseling. Do well on the HESI. I cannot believe how low people scored on this test. It's just basic reading, math, use of the English language and some anatomy questions. You don't need to be scared of it. I truly wish you the best! My last 2 cents: it is better to have the awesome grades and HESI score and know you have a seat, than to have a GPA and HESI score that leaves you wondering if you will make it.

  • Apr 29 '14

    Well I will be the first alternate to post I am ranked 161 so here's hoping best if luck everyone!

  • Apr 29 '14
  • Apr 19 '14

    Just a quick reminder as I see people posting that they were disappointed that the "ranking will begin" letter didn't tell them anything more. The letter you receive April 26th will NOT NOT NOT NOT tell you when you start either. It will simply say "Congratulations on being selected.....". We didn't receive our start dates until June 29th (It seems they put the letters in the mail on Fridays and then run out the door. Lol), so be prepared to wait again after your April letters. Everything in the program is wait, wait, wait for information....then hurry, hurry, hurry to complete what needs to be turned in ex. physical form. No matter what your start date you should be prepared for August (that is if you would like to start ASAP). I can't tell you how many people got a call to be bumped up (but you could always decline). I received a call to start in January (the call came in on Friday and classes were starting Monday) I wasn't prepared so I declined. I truly, truly, know what you all are going through! This time last year the only thing I could think about was getting my letter. Good or Bad I just wanted to know so I could move forward. It was very difficult to complete my classes that semester because I was so obsessed with knowing if I made it into the program. Then when I found out I made it in, my classes became even more difficult because I started researching nursing school supplies. Lol Of course that research came after scarring my daughter because I was crying & screaming when I saw that word "Congratulations". I cried for days....tears of joy! To MCC we are only waiting a few days to find out, but in reality we have been waiting since the moment we decided to go into nursing. So for some of us that wait has been 2, 3,4,5,6 maybe even more years. Our lives just put on this loooong pause waiting to find out. Each friend, family member, coworker, classmate, etc. reminding you daily, as they ask "So when do you start? Are you in yet?" etc. Saying don't worry about it will NOT lessen your stress so to all of you I say "go get a puppy"! Surely a puppy will keep your mind busy? Just kidding. I wish you all good luck!