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Joined Jun 28, '12 - from 'Long Ago, Far Away, USA'. FMF Corpsman is a RETIRED RN. He has '35 CIVILIAN' year(s) of experience and specializes in 'FMF CORPSMAN USN, TRUAMA, CCRN'. Posts: 196 (53% Liked) Likes: 244

The following are articles I have written and shared with the nursing community. If you enjoy an article please leave a comment and tell me what you think.

Silent John

When John showed up in the unit, he was non-communicative and usually in 4-way restraints as he would usually be doing a motion, we had coined as the crab. He would be on his back, moving each of his four extremities independently of each other, the way a crab would move, and this was in spite of having the 4-way soft restraints on. John was one of those patients that came in every once in awhile for a good healthy dose of antibiotics, a fresh Foley cath, and critical flush out his lungs and... Read More →

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