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Born and raised in New York.. later on moved to Philly. Lived there for a few years until my parents purchased a house in GA. I then moved to GA but not long before moving to Los Angeles to be with my fiance (now husband). We have now settled down in the state of GA. We had our first baby in August of 2011.. we consider him our miracle because the doctors said we wouldn't be able to conceive. However, God decided otherwise. :) I do a lot of volunteer work for my community. From offering free makeup services to teenage girls from low-income families during prom season.. to volunteering at my local police headquarters. After 7 years of considering a career in Nursing.. everything has finally fallen into place to give myself the opportunity to pursue my passion of caring for others.

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Pre-Nursing Student
Pre-Nursing Student
Volunteering, Knitting, Crocheting, Makeup Artistry, Web Design, Graphic Design
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