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  • Nov 14 '14

    Quote from ghillbert
    I could barely even click on your thread because even seeing the word makes me want to retch. I'm the worst with sputum. But I worked in ICU for 10+ years. At least it's contained most of the time in closed suction systems these days.
    Three cheers for closed suctioning systems! (one of the greatest medical inventions ever!)

  • Sep 27 '14

    I can send the FREE study guide that's been going around, but I really respect this girl for helping me pass and putting the time into it that I didn't have, so I won't do that to her.

    Here's the free one! This one's 34 pages long.

  • Jun 24 '14

    I just moved from NC to Fl too! I don't know the pay though but just wanted to say I love it!

  • Jul 21 '13

    Where I have been in school working while in a nursing program is not recommended. If you have to then you have to. But if you dont have to then don't. Right now nursing school is my full time job, period. That is my priority and I have a few kids. Working would be helpful in a few different ways but it isnt going to work. And I wouldnt let anyone make me second guess my choices.

    Dont work. Just focus on school and quite competing with people over who has it harder. We all have our own life circumstances that make it harder for each of us. Its just life. You wont get a tv movie for having a hard life.

  • Jul 21 '13

    I work part time as a Nursing Assistant in ICU, commute an hour to school, and am raising two boys (6yo & 2yo). I don't work there because of money; I do it for the experience. I have been there since my first semester of school and will more than likely have a job in critical care immediately after graduation. Even with my crazy hectic schedule, I'm in the top 3 of my class & I attribute it to the nurses and intensivists at work. Their willingness to teach is incredible.