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  • Mar 17

    I am 41 and about to start the LPN to RN Bridge program. It will take 3 semesters starting this January. I am nervous and excited!! Then to BSN....
    Onward and Upward. As I tell my 15 year old daughter, NEVER GIVE UP AND NEVER GIVE IN!

  • May 20 '15

    Looking for advice on bridging-
    I have been an LPN since 01/2014 and have almost a year of clinical experience under my belt. I am applying in July for the Bridge program and would love to hear from those of you who have bridged.
    *what pharmacology stuff did you study in preparation?
    *what is the best book to purchase to help in preparing for the bridge?
    *what other things should I know in order to prepare?
    Thanks in advance-