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Joined Apr 15, '12 - from 'New York, NY'. Inori is a Future ER / Peds Nurse. She has '3' year(s) of experience and specializes in 'ambulatory care'. Posts: 404 (22% Liked) Likes: 128

2015 left clinic job to work in pysch, then ER
2014 got my CDE credentials Certified diabetes educator.
2013 accomplished nurse working at a clinic
2012 I'm newbie graduate from an ADN nursing school and prepping to take nclex.

Nursing Dx 1: acute anxiety r/t to upcoming NCLEX exam AEB inability to concentrate, palpitations, obsessive checking of allnurses,sleep disturbance, depression, social withdrawal

Nursing Dx 2: Risk for withdrawl r/t excessive caffine use AEB 2 cups of coffee a day.

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Future ER / Peds Nurse
New York, NY
Nursing Specialties
ambulatory care
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3 years
rock climbing and gaming
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