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  • Mar 26 '17

    I am sorry for the rambling blog, but that is ADHD at it's finest..... rambling and mre rambling.

    Basically, if I want to practice nursing again under NCBON I would have to "prove "I was NOT taking prescribed Stimulant medication for ADHD and stay completely off all stimulant medication while I was being monitored by the NCBON. Why?

    I throughly understand the abuse potential etc., ......

    The question is: Is it safer to treat the ADHD or not to treat? My quality of life, my thought process, and etc. has drastically improved and now they want me to revert to swirling the drain.
    Is this acceptable behavior for a regulatory board to demand? How can we care for other and educate the consumer on mental health when we are not permited to care for ourselves?

    The NCBON permits the use of Suboxone but not stimulants for ADHD, a DX mental health.

    I am anxiously awaiting for ALL comments and/or suggestions from everyone. Talk from your heart, your experiences and your professional knowledge!!

    thanks EB1