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ADHD, 5 1/2yrs clean Cocaine, now?????

Has 23 years experience.

Hi everyone, after seeing a total of 8 (YES, 8 ) doctors, 4 with the:jester: NCBON and 4 own my own, and a complete full day :up:$1200.00 pysch eval. I am in complete amazement!

cliff note version:

Tested + on random drug screen, had the "Priveldge" to start my relationship with the NCBON, which has been my longest relationship with anyone) :argue:Never been arrested, drank, diverted, or fired basically good life.

Sept. 2004 used powder cocaine with very abusive :devil:idiot (midlife crisis) for 2 1/2 yrs, ran away from the idiot, April 2007 rehab and clean since that time, No relpase in mind or spirirt, attend all required meetings, I have had ADHD/ADD my entire life.

After a stable clean time 3 yrs 2010, ask for help with my ADHD, told every doctor everything (honestly) did the non -stimulant TX (puked my guts out everytime I took Stratera and massive headaches) have been on stimulants since Feb. 2010. I have been very compliant and responsible with medication (Stimulant). BTW the reason for 4 non-board MD is they one MD left practice, 2nd MD I lost my insurance NO $$$, 3rd was a non prescribing professional and the 4th still seeing at a free clinic and prescribes my Ritalin 20mg QID and 5mg for breakthrough which as switched last month to Adderall 15mg TID.

Now the big question all the boards MD's say "due to me being a ":nurse:nurse" I can never take stimulants and nurse" so, NO license and be treated for a DX mental health disease or nurse and NO treatment or use only NON Stimulant meds for a DX mental health disease.

What happened to the American disability Act? :confused:and being treated like a "semi-normal earthling?

Comments or question from you nurses? I am looking forward to ALL responses!!

thank EB1:bow:


Has 23 years experience.

Thinking? I think it is important to "pause" and get other views. Thank you eb1

I'm having a hard time reading your post, but I was diagnosed with major depressive disorder and anxiety and I've been an RN for 4 years. I take Zoloft, Xanax, invega, ambien and imatrex all in the same day. As long as your medications aren't causing any drowsiness or harps upon your work, I don't see a reason why you cant have a license.


Has 23 years experience.

I am sorry for the rambling blog, but that is ADHD at it's finest..... rambling and mre rambling.

Basically, if I want to practice nursing again under NCBON I would have to "prove "I was NOT taking prescribed Stimulant medication for ADHD and stay completely off all stimulant medication while I was being monitored by the NCBON. Why?

I throughly understand the abuse potential etc., ......

The question is: Is it safer to treat the ADHD or not to treat? My quality of life, my thought process, and etc. has drastically improved and now they want me to revert to swirling the drain.

Is this acceptable behavior for a regulatory board to demand? How can we care for other and educate the consumer on mental health when we are not permited to care for ourselves?

The NCBON permits the use of Suboxone but not stimulants for ADHD, a DX mental health.

I am anxiously awaiting for ALL comments and/or suggestions from everyone. Talk from your heart, your experiences and your professional knowledge!!

thanks EB1


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