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  • Jun 8 '12

    Quote from MVitiello
    Well in April I passed the Kentucky certification so I am a CNA!! Anyways I want to continue my education and become an RN. My question is which and how many prerequisites do I need in order to do to associates degree for nursing? I know the ADN obviously will take me two years but I am curious how long it will take me to get to that point. Also, aside from FAFSA and Pell Grants, are there any good grants out there for people wanting to become an RN? I am moving to Texas in October (per the Army) so I have to wait till after we get moved to start everything but I wanted to try and get a head start so I know what I am getting myself into. Thanks!
    this is actually a pretty huge question-requirements will vary depending on the school you go to. Basically you complete all the gen ed requirements for an associates degree, and the specific requirements for nursing, then do the nursing program (so think eng, math, humanities, computers, electives, etc etc for gen stuff....then microbiology, anatomy and physiology (for which you may need chemistry and biology to get into), psychology, etc).

    You can always start the general classes anywhere-they usually transfer anywhere. I would look at some programs near where you will be moving to see what the prereqs to get in are as well as what are all the classes required for graduation (if you only have prereqs done, then you will be taking all the other classes in conjunction with your nursing classes in order to graduate on time, and you don't want to do that!)

    good luck