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  • Mar 24

    Well I work in a large teaching hospital, we do everything on my floor with the exception of Insulin drips and vents. It's much like an ICU in a small hospital. After the first post-op day or so all CABG patients come to our floor, so we do chest tubes. If I were you I'd concentrate on learning all of your cardiac meds and S&S of what can possibly go wrong. Also, ALWAYS GO WITH YOUR GUT, if you feel a patient looks different or their color is off or anything get help. Ask a lot of questions, you will never get too much info. I learn more and more everyday, fortunately in this type of business you will always be learning new things. Remember you are one person and can only do one thing at a time, if you need help always ask. I always do my own BP's when I give any cardiac meds, remember you have a license to protect. Good luck in your journey, I love my job, I hope you will too. Do you get post op PPM's too? Do they pull sheath's on your floor on some post-op cath patients?