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  • Dec 12 '16

    You did a great job with that mom, you did exactly what she needed at the time. You just brought me to tears and almost to my knees. As a mother myself I could not even imagine how this mom was feeling. This is so incredibly sad, I pray this baby makes it. For whatever it's worth that mom will never forget what you did yesterday. She herself is fighting a battle today, however, she knows she's not fighting it alone. Your job although a tough one is an incredible calling and I for one think you are in the right place. You sound like an incredibly compassionate person. This must have been difficult on you as well. This makes you hug your little one just a little tighter. One of my biggest fears is losing my son, I just don't know how I would go on. Each day is a gift and we need to never take one breathe for granted. YOU ROCK!!!!

  • Mar 24 '16

    Well I work in a large teaching hospital, we do everything on my floor with the exception of Insulin drips and vents. It's much like an ICU in a small hospital. After the first post-op day or so all CABG patients come to our floor, so we do chest tubes. If I were you I'd concentrate on learning all of your cardiac meds and S&S of what can possibly go wrong. Also, ALWAYS GO WITH YOUR GUT, if you feel a patient looks different or their color is off or anything get help. Ask a lot of questions, you will never get too much info. I learn more and more everyday, fortunately in this type of business you will always be learning new things. Remember you are one person and can only do one thing at a time, if you need help always ask. I always do my own BP's when I give any cardiac meds, remember you have a license to protect. Good luck in your journey, I love my job, I hope you will too. Do you get post op PPM's too? Do they pull sheath's on your floor on some post-op cath patients?