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School nurses making a positive impact on their community

School Nursing, to me, is one of the many faces of public health nursing. As a school nurse in a rural public high school, I am the medical “go to” person in the building. I/we are there for students, staff and anyone else who is in the building at any point in the day. I personally have been blessed to be in a community that values and respects what our nurses bring to our schools. We have a three tier district; an Elementary, Middle and High School. This allows us to get to know our... Read More →

Choosing the 4th Option

As a school nurse for 20 years, I have had more than my fair share of kids who have been diagnosed with cancer. I have had kids win the battle and lose the battle. Some had intensive therapy regimes, with every side affect possible and some blew through treatment with little side affect. Some have survived and some have not. I live in a little town that is seemingly overwhelmed with pediatric cancer diagnosis but when I try to clarify numbers with epidemiology, I find we are not higher than we... Read More →

My dying student taught me how to say goodby....

I have had the privilege to be a school nurse for almost 20 years. When I write that, it kind of gives me a jolt, because it seems like yesterday when I started. I kind of stumbled into the job but in the process, I have found my passion. In the beginning, I was completely computer illiterate and never dreamed I would use my smart phone and iPad throughout the day. My first year had 15 kids on stimulant medication, today I give no daily doses as most are on long acting meds and do not need a... Read More →

A mentor who made a difference for me

It feels as though I have always had one or more angels watching over me as I have progressed throughout my nursing career. I managed to get pregnant in my junior year of college...not in the plan for sure, but I had wonderful roommates who were extremely supportive of me at a difficult time. The nursing instructors were my saviors as well, supplying maternity uniforms, allowing me to borrow text books etc. I got married, had my son and managed to graduate just a year later than the... Read More →