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  • Sep 26 '17

    Quote from Woodenpug
    Let's be cute! OMG, i'd die fer somtin cute. Yeah, Nurses are a professional group of people. Prolly, IDK, ur patients would prefer that u no sumtin bout where they cumin from. Ya no, like disease process an symptoms.

    S***, mama, i wants me some cute nurses. No, like fer real, I'd stay here 24/7 long as I gots me a cute nurse. lol.

    O.k. sorry. You want to fit into the culture of your new job. Being part of the team is important and the symbols are necessary to belong. Your post just accidentally struck a nerve. The best answer is to ask them where they got theirs. Sometimes those symbols are more important for the source than the product.
    You know, I didn't ask to be harassed by my fellow "professional" nurses... Your post struck a nerve too...

    I'm in the PICU where cute is encouraged... If you would have read my post, I did ask my co-workers where they bought them from and forgotten, so I thought I'd come to a forum where I've gotten lots of help and support over my career for some help on somehow to fit into the culture of my new unit.

  • Sep 26 '17

    Quote from roser13
    "I just started a new job, and most of the nurses I work with have these super cute personalized name tags... They have their first name and RN or LPN in big cutsey font, with a picture of a nurse doing something "nursey" (charting, standing by a pt, etc...) "

    Can't help you and have never seen such a nametag. But it is refreshing to see a new grad wondering where to find a super cute name tag as opposed to where to find a job!
    Thanks for the post, but I'm not a new grad... be a nurse for over 4 years, just beginning a new job!