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    OH Dang..I am sorry wish me was learning lessons that posted he/she was done. I apologize and hope I did not hurt your feelings with that faux paw.
    I am always hesitant to call the board..I have just been compliant and silent to try not to anger the BEAST!!!
    I will sure post when I am done and how I was notified.
    I have read all your posts and you are a great inspiration for me and others. Keep up the good work and your day will be here soon.

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    Thanks for the info..though I do not have a case manager since I was never in TPAPN..Just dealt with the board.
    Wish me said when you tried to log in it would not let you. Was that with First Lab?
    TXRN2..thanks for the congrats helped me more than you will ever know to get though this.

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    If it is First Lab..that was exactly my question...So is that ticker tape parade??
    Well I think you deserve one so..
    Way to go!!!!

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    Hello awesome recovery nurses!! Question..I have completed my one year of stips under my Board order in Texas..Handed in all the quarterly reports, all the certificates for mandatory classes, held a nursing job with the same company for a year..have had 12 negative drug screens through first lab..and now I am over a year with all the board's requests filled on time in place. So, how do I know when to stop calling in daily to First they send a letter, an e mail, or does your account just stop working or what happens to let you know you are done?

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    I lost my Mom during the time I was being served with a Board order. I was very angry at life in general and questioned many things about my recovery and my profession. Staying sober was the only sane thing I could think of doing and it worked. Just don't use..just today. It really is the only way to get through a huge loss like yours. Prayers for peace for you and yours.

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    Thank JMO..So good to hear from you!!! We will keep the lanterns burning for those who are in that dark place. Hope things are going well for you. Would love to hear from you in a PM in you get a chance.

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    Hello Hope1967. I feel your pain and I know you are in the dark place of despair and shame. I know that place well. I also know there are better days to come. This journey is a rough one, but there is a reward in weathering this storm.

    The people who did not hire you did you a huge favor. They are not worthy of your gifts as a nurse. Keep thinking about finding those who are. They are out there..I promise. Do not be afraid to look more than 50 miles out. I know it is a crazy long way to drive with gas prices and all, but it expands your searching territory. Do a map search from your home in 10 mile increments out and apply for EVERYTHING as you expand..even jobs you know wont hire you. Remember, our diseased brains play tricks on us with our shame and embarrassment to keep us from finding opportunities. Keep searching and applying as you move through 10-20-30 etc mile radiuses and don't stop. We fear rejection, it is part of our illness. Embrace rejection as a learning opportunity, practice sessions, and character building. The more you get turned down, the better you become at knowing what not to say or what not to do the next time. Make finding a job your full time job for now and become an expert at it.

    At the end of the day, stop and breath..and realize it is not a job, or being a nurse that defines us. It is just part of what we do and who we are. Hug yourself often and remember to laugh every chance you get. TXRN and JMO above have been there too and lots of others who are here to support you.

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    I started this thread as a very frightened, very hopeless, and very angry nurse of 34 years tenure and many years of addiction. Thanks to a program, a higher power, and a lot of support from friends, family, and the fine people here, I am able to post this today.

    Good things happen when recovery is maintained. I am living proof of that today. Today, I begin my new job with the same company that hired me, 9 months ago, under my stipulations. I have been promoted to Patient Care Liaison for the marketing department. Yes, I am still under stipulations from the BON until January 2013 (with the continued grace of God, I will be done then.) I was originally hired to work the night shift with supervision and only PRN with no benefits, no guarantee of hours, and no confidence that they would want to deal with my restrictions for very long. After nine months, I have been promoted to work 9-5, no weekends, and no holidays, at a good salary.

    I do not post this to boast or brag. I post this to be a beacon to those who are beginning the process, or feel beat down by the process and have no idea who, if anyone, will ever hire them with a permanent BON public disclosure and practice restrictions. I read in this forum, over and over, the same struggle that I had finding work and being accepted back into the nursing field. I can hear the desperation in their hearts written between the lines.

    I am here to say it can be will be done..but not in our time frame and certainly not how we think it should happen. So, Please! Stay strong, stay clean, and stay focused. I am nothing special..I am not a super nurse, I am a garden variety recovering nurse addict. If it can happen for me, it can happen for you..both in the dark terrifying past of full the bright sunny future of continued recovery.

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    "Trust me, I won't make the mistake of trying to give you an honest, respectful and helpful answer again.[/QUOTE]"

    Proverbs 16:18 may be interesting reading for you Jory.

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    I say you use the "I don't like what I see" line next time he leaves the toilet seat up..LOL..Glad to see you post again have been a great inspiration to me in my journey.

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    Sure,,I will be happy to e mail you.

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    JZ RN..I felt very much like you a many moons ago..Please remember.."there but for the Grace of God go I." I had to remember this the hard way.

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    The reason they test for creatinine, and a myriad of other things, is that folks who have not found the path to recovery have been known to catheterize themselves and irrigate their own bladders with everything from other's urine, to animal urine, to fake urine. Desperate times make for desperate people.

    The thing that I find ironic is that the nursing board will slap you down for practicing medicine as an RN, but they feel more than justified to practice medicine themselves by ordering us to various specialists for a ton of renal studies and such at our own expense. It is not like we have formed a physician-patient relationship with the board is it.

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    I will PM you the name of the place in Tyler I went. You will really like the instuctor. I took the med admin class, the documentation class and the juris prudence class. The lady who teaches this is a nurse and a lawyer. She is very thorough with her paperwork to the BON and will put you at ease immediatlely. She is very non judgmental about our situations and really wants to help. Look for a PM from me soon with details. It is worth the drive..I live only about 60 miles south of you and I would make the drive again in a heart beat. I was able to get a hotel room near by for $50 a night. The med admin class is one day of theory and 3 days passing meds in a LTC near by. Very laid back, very non threatening. You do not need to brush up on anything..this stuff is really nursing no worries.

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    I took my classes in Tyler Texas. Are you a Texas nurse?