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  • Sep 16

    Quote from KathyDay
    In defense of "visitors" who I prefer to call care partners, they often do not understand acronyms. NPO except Ice needs to be interpreted for them saying DO NOT GIVE HIM/HER anything except ICE! Also, post written instructions on the PCA medication. Never assume that they know these things just because you do and don't question their intelligence because they don't know "nursely" things.
    Every patient needs a trusted advocate by their side while they are in the hospital, but they do not need droves of visitors including tiny babies and toddlers, who will exhaust them and disrupt everything. The designated advocate can be the note taker or the recorder of doctor visits, keeping a list of medications, special instructions, etc. Then they can relay pertinent information to the rest of the family/guests as appropriate.
    There is a way to work out all of these things, and communication is the first step in all of it.
    And we can never assume they have common sense,either.Simple common sense would keep a visitors butt in a chair ands their off equipment until they could speak to staff to find out what they can and can't do for their loved one.Sadly it seems common sense is being bred out of human beings.We feed our kids took animals .....

  • Sep 9

    So we are NEVER supposed to "make a mistake?" Physicians make mistakes...pilots and air traffic controllers make mistakes.....What an absurdly high standard...

  • Sep 9

    You can be as obvious as possible but the sad fact is when someone in LTC wants something they usually don't give a crap about anyone else's needs.

  • Aug 6

    Quote from TDub
    . I held it in my bare hand puzzled, when she said in a gravelly, tequila-and-4-packs-a-day voice, "Hit fell outta mah cooter."
    Like the smooth professional I am, when I realized it had been in her vagina, I screamed and tossed it on the floor. I ate lunch with my hand held behind my back, because I was convinced I could still smell her crotchal area on my fingers*. Ick.
    I never told my husband...
    I forgot to add---after you wash,wash ,wash ya hands do a final scrub with shaving cream.....Takes care of that lingering odor..sometimes after dealing with a particulary smelly impaction -even double gloved- I think I can smell that odor on my fingers....argh....

  • Jul 3

    This makes me think of the case in NYC in the news,a foster father molested an untold number of children in his care for years.You should not go into fostering with any motive other than caring

  • Jun 11

    Quote from SmilingBluEyes
    Therefore, I SO disagree that "the other end of the spectrum" is reserved for nurses who were "called" as if divinely or something. There are SUPERB nurses who were not "called" but looking for job security or opportunities for advancement, when they entered. I hate when people believe only nurses "called" to the *profession* (which by definition is NOT synoymous with "calling") are any good.
    We have spoken to this topic many times on this board-and I don't like what the phrase" called to nursing" implies....even though I feel that I was meant to do exactly what I am doing....Too many excellent nurses have settled for low pay and crappy working conditions because they felt that is what they deserve-as if they have to suffer for their "calling" Nursing is a profession and we will never have truly equal pay and benefits until it is recognized as such.....PS=the term "calling" (according to Encarta) has no religious connotation.....but I think many use it in that way..

  • Apr 16

    Quote from cjwensley
    I smell it too, but this last time, the smell has been lingering strongly for 3 days. Could it be me?
    Oh,Lovey-it's not you.It's stuck on you and you need a fresh breeze to blow it off.And a prayer .Smell coffee beans or fresh ground coffee,lavender,peppermint,orange...Or vanilla extract.
    We humans are so dependent upon technology now that we tend to ignore our basic senses,our sense of smell,our intuition.Except for those of us in this field...

  • Apr 16

    Before middle and upper white class kids started dying no-one really much cared.

  • Apr 7

    Quote from anh06005
    And I've never had good experiences with women and inserting catheters. I have only ever actually seen the urethra once (something to get excited about!). Otherwise it's a shot in the dark on a hope and a prayer. And many of these old ladies having hip/back/knee issues doesn't help.

    Did I mention I don't often cath women anyway? Lol
    Try turning them on their side and going in from the back (atrophy has made everything droop, it's often really easy to visualize in that position) or place them on their back on top of a fracture pan turned upside down (juts the pelvis up).Also ask them to cough as you wipe with the betadine-the urethra will "wink" at you. Have plenty of catheters available-if you miss just leave that one in place,it will block something (an instructor gave me that tip ) Now back to topic....

  • Mar 8

    Quote from mjlrn97
    Just had to share this great story from work today.
    ohhh-you made me cry.....

  • Feb 28

    Just skimming and got the shock of my life-I thought the S/P cardiac arrest stood up naked beside the bed.Gave me a start.

  • Feb 15

    I did read the story,I also know that terms such as "fixin' to die" "circling the drain" etc.I also know it is "regional".My point is it makes her sound ignorant.We nurses continue to strive to be recognized as professionals.I would th ok no anyone with even a minimum of education would put their best foot forward during an interview and use proper English.I guess it's my issue.

  • Feb 2

    Back in the day (maybe 8 years ago) our admin use to tell us to avoid using certain words in our documentation because they were "red flags" for the surveyors .We were never to document that a resident was "found" or "dis impacted" Those are the two biggies I remember.We were also threatened with being "written up" which would have been a direct violation of our policies as a verbal warning as the first step. Don't you love being ruled through fear? I'm sure a little inservice would work better...

  • Jan 18

    Before middle and upper white class kids started dying no-one really much cared.

  • Jan 17

    Before middle and upper white class kids started dying no-one really much cared.