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  • Jan 11 '13

    So here is what I came up with. This is my dream job I am interviewing for!:

    My goals for five years would be:
    -To become an expert in the field I am working in
    -To remain at the facility I am interviewing for
    -To become an efficient, effective, and outstanding nurse
    -To be able to go "above and beyond" routine nursing care and make a difference for my patients
    -To be in at a point in my development that I can teach others about what I am doing
    -To be a preceptor/mentor to newer nurses (I love teaching and this is my ultimate goal!)
    -To be able to manage a charge nurse role every so often

  • Jan 11 '13

    I abhor this question. I do not plan 5 years in the future as my very complicated medical history has taught me that nothing is certain. I could get hit by a bus tomorrow and no one knows what the future holds. If you asked me 6 months ago where I'd be today, I would have said still working at my hospital job and thinking about leaving come September. I left 2 months ago.