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  • Jun 23 '16

    I finished my LPN program in May and currently waiting to take my schools exit exam on July 11. I would definitely buy a good stethoscope since the one the schools give out are plastic and you can't hear fine sounds with them. Also if your school doesn't provide you with a Saunder Nclex PN book go buy one its really good basically clear cut information just like ati but explains more. The CD to the book really helps most of my friends who have taken their exit exam have told me they only used saunders to prep for their exit exams and all passed. A watch with a seconds hand is also important to take vitals , index cards and drug cards. I would also suggest going to a barnes and noble and looking up the medical section for LPN flip books with mnemonics and med surg pharm. I brought two from lippincott online for cheaper after searching them up on amazon and they were really helpful in helping me memorize important facts easily. Much success in your class and invest in lots of coffee!! lol