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    I am looking for information that will be helpful to me in the future.I am a R.N. with 25+ years experience.I have recently passed the national long term care exam.My plans are to complete a business degree with emphasis in management.Then I would like to pursue a position as a long term care administrator.I would like to obtain a couple of years experience then move to a position as an director of operation for a long term care corporation.What advise can you share with me to prepare me for this career opportunity.Some ideas on online courses,etc.Thanks.

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    I am new to staff development role.I have many years in nursing .I have been asked to develop an nursing preceptor program for new nurses that are hired. I work in a small rual hospital.I have been asked to develop this program to help with recruitment and retention.I would appreciate any help.I would be interested in reviewing other hospitals programs.I would appreciate any web-site information.Thank you.